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Homework Help: Word Problems Involving Quadratic Equations

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    hey can you help me solve these, ive got 20 problems..and i only need is this
    problem so that i have an idea of answering the others

    An engineer can decrease by 2 hours the time it takes to travel 200km. If he increases the speed of the freight train by 5km per hour, what is the original speed of the train?
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    Let S be the original speed of the train.

    If he travels a distance of 200km in T hours, can you write down an expression for the speed S ?
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    Translate the word problem into mathematics. Let's call the original speed of the train v (km/h) and the time it takes t (hours).
    So he travels 200 km in t hours at a speed v:


    If he increases v by 5 km/h, he can travel 200 km in t-2 hours. How would you tranlsate that into an equation?

    Doh, Fermat beat me to it.
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    Great minds think alike :smile:
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