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Work done by the rope and power of electric motor

  1. Jun 21, 2008 #1
    Hello friends, pls help me.I need the answer to the following questions

    1) A massive box is dragged along a horizontal floor by a rope.The rope makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal.Find the work done if the tension in the rope is 200N and the box is moved through a distance of 10m.(Plz tell me the procedure with formulas).

    2)Find the power of an electric motor if it lifts 200kgs of water in 5mins from a well of 120m depth.(Plz tell me the procedure with formulas)
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    Hi ramma_akash and welcome to PF,

    We will be more than happy to help you work through your problems, but first your have to some some effort. What have you attempted thus far? What are your thoughts on the questions?
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