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Work Energy Theorem in Spring Block System

  1. Feb 2, 2016 #1
    Just got confused that while applying the Work - Energy Theorem in a vertical Spring-Block system performing SHM (considering no other external forces other than gravity), when I apply the theorem from equilibrium position, do I consider the work done by gravity?
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    Hello SD, :welcome:

    In principle: yes.
    In exercises it's often easier to work with the net force (i.e. the vector sum of the spring force and the gravitational force) and the associated net potential energy ##{1\over 2} kx^2## where ##x## is the extension minus the equilibrium extension.

    If you want this clearer, you may want to provide a complete problem statement for the exercise that confused you.
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    Yea I understood that it will be better to apply the W-E Principle from the relaxed length of the spring, rather than the equilibrium position.
    I feel that it is simpler to take all forces into consideration. i.e. gravity, spring force and the kinetic energy.
    I have got the clarity, thanks a ton!
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