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Working model of a permanent magnet?

  1. Aug 30, 2009 #1
    I know this may sound strange. Has anyone ever successfully created a working physical model of a magnet that exhibits the same properties ("flux" lines and attraction) without using magnetic materials or electrical influence?

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    I rather doubt such a thing is even possible.
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    Magnetism exists whenever electrically charged particles are in motion, as in the movement of electrons in an electric current; Magnetism also arises from alignment of magnetic dipoles arising from quantum-mechanical spin...as in bar magnets.

    As far as I know those are the only sources.....If magnetic monpoles are ever found, that might do it, but none have been found so far....

    Depending on exactly what you mean, a rotating black hole might fit...but it seems that even though one does not contain any "matter" as we know it, that's still the origin of the magnetism...so it's a bit of a stretch....

    I'd agree it seems impossible today, but who knows about tomorrow?? It's perhaps similar to asking about antigravity...we don't know how do do that either.... yet....
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