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Working of driver

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    currently I'm using IGBT High Side driver. May i know how to check is the driver working or not working??
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    Exactly what voltages are you using ? Is it dangerous HV ?
    Measure the voltage between the +ve supply rail and the gate drive with an isolated multimeter.
    You might need to use an oscilloscope to see the switching waveforms.
    Can you post your circuit with component values and the part numbers of the high-side driver and the IGBT.
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    hi, thanks for the quick reply.. this is the driver that i use (http://www.rcscomponents.kiev.ua/datasheets/irs21850spbf.pdf)
    for the filter capacitor value is 100 microF, and the charging pump capacitor 10 microF.
    i supply 15V to Vcc... hope you are able to help me.

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    I assume that your capacitors (10μF, 100μF) are electrolytic capacitors. Remember to add small (ceramic) capacitors in parallel (100nF - 200nF) close to the driver) as the noise from the IGBT includes high frequency harmonics. An electrolytic capacitor is not fit for these, as it has some reactance contained.
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    Insufficient information. No circuit, no IGBT part number...
    Symptoms would also be helpful.
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