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Wormholes and the casimir effect

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    can a wormhole be sustained by the emitions from the casimir effect and what would be the proposed setup of the whole device
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    Asking this opens up a can of worms :biggrin:
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    I hope you didn't stay up late on that one... :biggrin:

    To the original poster: your question needs clarification because Casimir effect has nothing much to do with wormholes. They are at opposite ends of the physics spectrum.
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    ive done alot of reading on this, and im just not finding any connections between a casimir effects negative energy and wormhole sustaining

    mostly im trying to explore different ways of manipulating spacetime, not that i hope to accomplish much but im mostly self educated and literature on this topic isnt widely available

    from what i understand the negative energy could possibley repel spacetime away from it creating a 'gap' of complete nothingness. what i want to know is how would this 'gap' be utilized. for example travel to another point in space, and how the process would be different from another point in time

    besides having one gate stationary and accelerating the other gate at light speed and then using the stationary one to instantly transport to the other transporting you back in time and through space

    personally i think that light speed travel is a waste of time and im only interested in ways around it if possible

    mostly im interested in any equations or theories that i can apply to this or time travel or wormhole travel in general, i have alot in my notes, but nothing of any real value to me

    another thing id like to know if anyone out there has any answers, is if its possible to travel via a wormhole slowly. as in travel back in time 2 years and the trip lasting 2 years. everytime i think i find some useful information online the end of the article mentions ufology and ancient culture alien codes in hyroglyphs as the source of the information, and so i just ignore it alltogether to avoid any future embarassment

    please feel free to criticize any ideas ive proposed because its all helpful in my search for knowledge on this topic
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    What "knowledge"?

    What you want is something that isn't verified or well-established in physics. This means that there is either (i) no answer or (ii) more than one possible scenario. What you want to know are various speculative ideas on this. Unless you have some specific basis as a foundation, this would violate our speculative guidelines.

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    is everyone on here so cynical? if so then im never leaving

    but really, i need something constructive, if i was to experiment with the casimir effect, what feasable setup would i need if anyone has some first hand experience in this

    i can find it on the net, but i would like to know from someone who has tried it themselves, what works and what is feasable for someone with a moderate spending allowance on equipment
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    The Casimir effect as source of exotic matter to hold open a wormhole was considered seriously a long time ago. Take a look at M. Morris, K. Thorne, and U. Yurtsever, "Wormholes, Time Machines, and the Weak Energy Condition", Phys. Rev. Lett., 61, 1446 (1988).

    The arrangement they considered involved two huge concentric spherical shells of metal. The radius of these spheres was 93 million miles, yet their separation still had to be tiny ~ 10^(-10) cm. Not conducive to easy set up in your garage.
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