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Homework Help: Year 12: Cambridge Physics Problem (Thermal System)

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    Two cylinders A and C of equal volume V contain the same ideal gas at temperature T and at pressures 2p and p respectively. A valve connecting the two cylinders is opened slightly and as the gas leaks from A to B, the pressure in A is maintained at 2p by pushing in a piston. The process is continued until the gas in cylinder B is also at 2p. If there is good thermal contact between the cylinders but the are thermally insulated from their surroundings, find:
    (i) The final temperature in terms of T
    (ii) the final volume of gas in cylinder A in terms of V.

    Before I attempt the question, may I ask if the final temperature will be the same for both sides of the cylinder? What about the pressure? I'm still visualising the problem. Thank you!
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    Hi johnconnor! :smile:

    At equilibrium(final state) the temperatures will definitely be equal.

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