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Your favorite keyboard combinations

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    Do you have favorite/most handy hotkeys? I started to appreciate them when in class taking notes fast and I don't have a mouse and resent using a mouse-pad heavily.

    All time favorite for me is "Windows + D". It minimizes all windows and takes you to your desktop. Absolutely love it.

    Close second I think is "Alt + Tab + Tab + Tab +.....". Lets you cycle through the windows that are open. What best about this though is that just one "Alt + Tab" takes you the the last open window. So if you are doing a task that requires going back and forth from one window to the other very often, making a single definite button push with your fingers I find is less distracting than going for the mouse, finding the window in the task bar, over and over.

    Also a fan of "Ctrl + left or right". It jumps the cursor word by word left or right. Really useful when I am racing to take notes in class and I don't have a mouse, and need to go back in the sentence to make a quick fix. You can tack on "Shift" as well to highlight simultaneously. I find doing little changes like this every few sentences slow and distracting with a mouse-pad. Also a bit faster than holding left or right.

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    The ones I use the most are CTRL-C, CTRL-V, and CTRL-X, respectively copy, paste, and delete.
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    What is the shortcut for maximizing a window? I seem to accidentally hit it sometimes when I'm typing fast...
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    Some favourites to use for a practical joke in school:

    High contrast: ALT + LSHIFT + PRTSCRN (make the colours go all funky)
    Slow keys: RSHIFT for 8 secs
    ToggleKeys: Numlock for 5s (I think this is the one makes the pcs internal buzzer go when a certain keys are pressed)
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    Ahh, reminds me of the old runescape trick of telling noobs to drop their items and then press ALT + F4 to *insert amazing sounding thing* to their items.
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    I learned the truths of this in my tender childhood years, whilst hours into intesive rts games. The paaaiiinnn........
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    windows key + L whenever I leave my computer for seconds/minutes (sometimes hours).
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    Once I've opened a graphics program (on Windows), I use these to grab screenshots or photos of windows:

    capture current window to clipboard
    capture entire desktop to clipboard
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