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Zero Resistivity in superconductors

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    What is the meaning of zero resistivity in superconductors? I mean, what's the cause of zero resistivity in superconductors?
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    Re: Zero Resistivity in Semiconductor

    There is no resistance, so currents will flow indefinitely. The cause is lowering the superconductor below its critical temperature (T_c). Usually liquid helium or nitrogen is used to cool a superconductor below T_c.
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    Re: Zero Resistivity in Semiconductor

    Title should be "superconconductor", not "semi-".
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    Title has been changed.

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    A nice explanation by nobel laureate Leggett can be found here:
    http://online.physics.uiuc.edu/courses/phys598sc/fall08/L14.pdf [Broken]
    Very readable is also the article by Brun Hansen, "Infinite conductivity of ordinary and gapless superconductors", Physica, Vol 39, p. 271-292, (1968)
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