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Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Mar22-14 01:37 PM
Bored Attorney
153 97,705
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Feb17-14 05:31 AM
35 143,322
i find the study of cosmology very fascinating and now contemplating to study it. But is it a wise choice? I mean,...
Mar29-11 11:11 PM
79 73,039
I recently tured 28. I have BSc in Computer Science. Originally I wanted to study Physics. Went for CS thinking it is...
T 06:10 PM
4 251
Hi, this is weird but I honestly love to be busy and a lot of work to do and I was hoping for a job that doesn't just...
T 07:01 AM
10 546
hello friends i am 18years old studing in a school but i want to do some part time work so i can earn money please...
Y 01:22 PM
6 309
I have been looking at a few universities I plan on attending and I have noticed some offer an "optical engineering"...
Apr18-14 10:32 PM
14 823
Will it be easier to find a job as a Math professor in future years or harder? I've always wanted to be a Math...
Apr18-14 09:44 AM
Simon Bridge
6 330
I've been working as an ME for approximately 3 years and I'm not enjoying what I'm doing as much as I'd have hoped. ...
Apr18-14 12:40 AM
10 285
Hi all, I apologize in advance for a bit of a lengthy preface on my question. I'm a PhD student in...
Apr17-14 12:02 PM
0 221
Hi, so as the title reads is engineering technician a good career choice? I think it is. I've been doing my homework...
Apr17-14 11:15 AM
19 707 am I screwed in getting a job??? For my programming, I learned Python and C++ very well (they're fun). I...
Apr17-14 09:54 AM
14 550
One of the reasons I've been initially considering against graduate school was the academic job market and the chances...
Apr17-14 08:00 AM
106 2,032
Hello all! I'm a fourth year grade student in physics (specifically theoretical cosmology). Over the years I've...
Apr17-14 05:30 AM
7 384
I'm in the process of job hunting right now and I'm trying to obtain an actuarial position. Looking to hear if any...
Apr16-14 08:00 PM
3 232
Hi all, This is my first post on PF in a long time. I created an account in 7th grade to ask questions about how...
Apr16-14 03:22 PM
2 372
First, a bit about myself. As a future career I would like to work in the robotics industry or aerospace, building...
Apr15-14 09:41 PM
4 275
I've recently got admitted into the medical physics master program at Duke and U Penn and don't know which one to...
Apr15-14 03:06 PM
9 506
I've started the undergraduate's journey into physics. Although I'm still working through pre-req's I wanted to get a...
Apr14-14 07:29 PM
4 219
In case people missed this article, this is a field of physics that needs a lot more free advertisement and enticement...
Apr14-14 01:47 PM
90 32,922
Hi, currently my job doesn't satisfy my interests as it doesn't especially utilise the skills or knowledge obtained...
Apr14-14 07:42 AM
9 589
Hi everyone. One of the dominant themes that come up in the Career Guidance section of Physics Forums is the...
Apr14-14 07:25 AM
48 3,027
Hello to everybody, I have been looking for online physics jobs, that can be done from home. I wonder if that kind...
Apr12-14 10:48 PM
11 395
Hello, I am newly registered to this site but have lurked around for a few years looking for homework help and to...
Apr12-14 06:28 PM
7 428
Hello! I'm here to ask a question regarding Aerospace Engineering. And before I do so, I just want to make sure my...
Apr12-14 03:45 PM
0 184
There is a lot of discussion about how Physics gives you valuable skills, and also a lot of discussion of how these...
Apr10-14 02:06 PM
18 1,030
When I switched to physics, it was mostly because I love science, and my major in journalism was going to numb my mind...
Apr9-14 02:18 PM
19 1,397
Hi everyone, I've recently completed a postdoc in the field of laser physics (photonics), the same field as my PhD....
Apr9-14 06:16 AM
4 476
I am about to commit to a PhD program in chemical physics, focusing on ultrafast laser technology and possible...
Apr9-14 02:51 AM
3 291
Is there any type of job that utilizes scientific computation that does not require a PhD? I really enjoy DSP (digital...
Apr8-14 08:50 PM
0 263
I have a BSc in information technology. I worked as a technician for a long time after the military, and I did really...
Apr8-14 05:06 PM
6 405
I really enjoy physics and chemistry and do OK in math (not stupendous, but OK at it and enjoy it) and have been...
Apr8-14 04:43 PM
4 685
Question for all you physics experts: A friend of mine recently decided to pursue medical physics as a career...
Apr7-14 01:48 PM
2 395
well i always wanted to be a quantum physicist but right now i got very low marks in high school.will it affect my...
Apr4-14 01:37 PM
28 2,248
Hey guys, i am new at this so i am just going in straight. I am wondering what is the difference in...
Apr4-14 01:04 PM
2 539
Hello there, users of Physics Forums! My name's Keyan, and I'm a graduated 18-year-old. I only have my GED,...
Apr4-14 12:39 AM
2 474
I currently have a BS in Physics and am working on my Masters...which isn't going so well for me. Would I be better...
Apr3-14 02:49 AM
9 686
I am currently a math and physics major, But im not sure I am going to finish my math degree. Should I finish it...
Apr2-14 06:01 PM
7 671
What field would you say is the most exciting in engineering/physics? I'm defining engineering/physics very loosely,...
Apr2-14 12:30 AM
6 784
Hello. I graduated 1.5 years ago with a major in Computer Engineering. I have been programming since I was a young...
Apr1-14 08:08 AM
3 461
Hello guys, I live in Brazil and I'm currently in my first year of EE. As you all might already know, here in Brazil,...
Mar30-14 09:36 PM
3 488
Hello Again. I am new to the forum and this is actually the 2nd time ive asked a question. I wanted to get some...
Mar30-14 04:25 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,634
Hello Everybody, I am a senior at a UC school, and I am interested in condensed matter and am open to studying...
Mar30-14 12:48 PM
0 401

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