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- Discuss topics on science professions and career paths. Job descriptions, salary, requirements...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone. I am a sophmore studying to get a bs in mechanical engineering. I am thinking about switching to civil...
Aug20-14 11:11 AM
36 173,915
Hey folks, I'm Greg's sister. One career many scientists do not consider is becoming a patent attorney. I've been...
Jul4-14 04:21 PM
155 144,615
I like to think about stuff in new ways and solving problems, and most especially inventing things. I have been...
T 03:20 AM
13 413
I'm a 2013 graduate with a BS in physics (no specialization). My current line of work doesn't allow me to pursue a...
T 01:08 AM
1 114
As a senior in High School in Chicago, I was planning on pursuing a Masters Degree in physics at University of...
Y 07:54 PM
26 450
And what is Ph.D lol
Aug30-14 09:33 PM
1 242
At the university I went to, the STEM departments are filled to the brim every year. In fact the Computer Science...
Aug30-14 08:23 AM
55 2,451
Hi, New to this forum.. ..and physics I am currently a seasoned undergrad who only recently decided to study...
Aug30-14 06:53 AM
3 246
Hello everyone. I like to ask for suggestions for an efficient reference manager software. Hm, here are the...
Aug30-14 06:36 AM
3 378
Hey guys! Let me throw in who I am before I introduce my question. I finished my year of graduate school last May,...
Aug30-14 02:56 AM
5 314
Dear PF: I've spent a decade-plus in school by now. I earned my BS in a country different than the US in 2002. My...
Aug29-14 10:54 PM
3 262
This week I received a criticism of a short letter of mine, along the line of "the starting point is not well...
Aug29-14 10:28 PM
3 261
Hey, this is my first post on physicsforum but I've read alot on this website and the people here seem really...
Aug29-14 09:16 PM
1 175
Hello! I have a BSc degree with a triple-major in physics, mathematics and chemistry. I would like to know about...
Aug29-14 09:21 AM
0 155
Hello, I am a Chemical Engineering major and a sophomore. When I first got to college I hoped to work in Pharma,...
Aug29-14 08:55 AM
2 188
i want some documents/ papers on physically disabled bikes... please send me some web links ....
Aug28-14 01:26 PM
1 187
Hello everyone I'm coming here to ask for some career advice. I graduated last year with my degree in accounting...
Aug28-14 01:11 PM
11 473
I am actually working on a pharmaceutical industry and in quality control lab. as an analyst. I have 4 year chemistry...
Aug28-14 12:00 PM
0 134
Hello PF, Something has arisen in the past couple weeks and really has me questions what to do with my entire life....
Aug27-14 07:45 PM
4 288
I am currently in college for a 2 year EET degree. Now, before you all jump onto me saying that it is not an...
Aug27-14 05:51 PM
9 334
Dear All, Curious to know about postdoc fellowship amount. Is it really very low as 3160 polish zloty (=760 EUR) per...
Aug26-14 12:54 PM
7 314
Got my BS in Physics few months ago, had one interview for an entry level analyst for an education company, but no...
Aug26-14 08:28 AM
7 384
I think I've found a new way to make the tv, where should i go next?
Aug26-14 12:25 AM
1 213
Hello there, I've graduated a few years ago with a degree in Civil Engineering and have been building on me...
Aug25-14 09:30 AM
5 404
please help me to help others I am an Egyptian science teacher I graduate in 1991 and work as a teacher from...
Aug25-14 06:50 AM
2 275
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Mar12-14 I see that statement surprisingly often enough on the Academic...
Aug24-14 11:59 PM
8 913
Hopefully this is in the correct section. I'm studying systems engineering and I'd like to know a typical day in the...
Aug24-14 01:36 PM
1 251
I was talking to my classmates at university and I noticed something that really disliked me. I started to notice that...
Aug22-14 03:11 PM
5 451
Hi, everyone. I am a student studying physics in one of colleges in Wisconsin, and this school has a program...
Aug21-14 06:39 PM
3 297
Just wanted to let the forum know that through some diligence I have been approved to take the Fundamental Engineering...
Aug21-14 09:42 AM
10 374
Greetings guys with highest IQ's on planet earth, Mine is not a physics question and my first post, but on a search I...
Aug21-14 07:16 AM
8 406
hello everybody, I will Study Engineering and i'm thinking to take your opinions in the major that i will study I'm...
Aug20-14 08:21 AM
12 443
Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice. I just graduated with my BSc in physics this June. I applied to do my...
Aug20-14 08:06 AM
2 326
One of the founding principals of our company approached me last week asking me to come have a chat with him in his...
Aug20-14 12:28 AM
5 365
Alrighty, so I found this app or forum if you will, because I wanted advice on possibly pursuing a career in physics....
Aug19-14 06:55 PM
1 269
Astrophysics has always been my passion. I remember reading many books on it when I was a child, and my fascination...
Aug19-14 02:37 AM
34 7,176
Now Ive managed to find pharmaceutical industry firm job, they told me first of all it will be 1 month trial. I dont...
Aug18-14 12:09 PM
1 362
I'm going to be at university soon, so I'm not a student quite yet, but I don't think it's ever too early to start...
Aug18-14 08:58 AM
5 471
I'm about to start my second year of college, and I'm very conflicted and confused about I want my major and career...
Aug17-14 04:39 AM
1 340
Good day to everyone reading this, I thought I would know what degree I would want to pursue after high school,...
Aug17-14 04:35 AM
1 363
Hi and thank you for reading this, I live in Canada and will soon be going for my last year in high school, and I...
Aug16-14 10:34 PM
5 406
I've been maintaining and updating some legacy code for a while at my job. These Dilberts came up the other day ...
Aug16-14 03:12 PM
6 529

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