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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,787
"Setting Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy Savings" by Jeffrey Orloff claims that during warm months, setting an air...
Apr26-12 03:20 PM
13 3,678
Can anyone tell me the value of cyclotron frequency with full mathematical proof and explanation?
Apr26-12 01:49 PM
Bob S
2 629
For a wave travelling from a medium with refractive index n1 to n2 with n2 > n1, the amplitude reflection coefficient...
Apr26-12 12:00 PM
1 2,725
In Feynman lectures vol 2, chap 28, it is given that for an electron at rest, the net self force exerted on itself is...
Apr26-12 08:49 AM
13 1,666
There are (at least) two issues regarding the presence of ferromagnetic materials around an MRI scanner (of strength...
Apr26-12 07:54 AM
0 816
I am doing a presentation on energy as part of a class project.As part of the presentation I would like to physically...
Apr26-12 05:50 AM
Philip Wood
3 907
Hi, In class we were discussing the effects of a two bar magnets being dropped through a copper tube at around the...
Apr26-12 03:43 AM
2 1,297
I have a quick question about the retarded time when dealing with moving charges. The retarded time is: t' = t...
Apr26-12 01:05 AM
1 1,152
I'm working with a 3000 RPM @ 0.85 Nm motor in the transaxle from a powered scooter (like for disabled/elderly...
Apr25-12 11:57 PM
14 1,828
I was thinking about how planets revolve around sun. Although they subscribe a elliptical motion, my question is very...
Apr25-12 09:31 PM
2 654
Carnot engine efficiency is: \eta_{work} = 1 - \frac{T_c}{T_h} Carnot refrigeration efficiency is: \eta_{cool} =...
Apr25-12 05:24 PM
2 3,899
The kinetic theory of gas state that p=(1/3)(N)(m)(u^2)/(V). In one step of its derivative related to change of...
Apr25-12 04:35 PM
3 970
How we differentiate the amount of Energy of a bullet fired by a gun and a rifle with same linear velocity? do...
Apr25-12 04:08 PM
2 842
I had my physics midterm today and I totally blanked out. I want to know how to solve it for next time. So In the...
Apr25-12 03:33 PM
1 943
Hello I'm tasked to evaluate the roof of a small power station situated beneath a rather high tower in an alpine...
Apr25-12 02:52 PM
3 1,593
Hello, When looking at Mohr's circle, why is σ_x 180 degreees away from σ_y I thought forces in orthagonal...
Apr25-12 12:12 PM
0 647
Hi, I was curious if you could help me. I am currently working on a project where we are using 12g CO2 cylinders to...
Apr25-12 11:56 AM
0 694
The continuous version of the Lorentz force is \mathbf{f}=\rho\mathbf{E}+\mathbf{j}\times\mathbf{B} but what...
Apr25-12 10:56 AM
0 672
i'm in my freshman year and i'm starting to learn Derivatives in Calculus, and I was wondering, once Ek (kinectic...
Apr25-12 10:40 AM
2 875
In Reif's book Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics, he labels two formulas as the Stefan-Boltzmann Law. ...
Apr25-12 08:39 AM
2 1,044
Does anyone know of any simple aerodynamics simulators? Preferably one that would allow me to import a 3D model and...
Apr25-12 07:40 AM
rod tanis
5 14,590
Hi guys, I have a dyanamics question to ask. Thanks for the help! In the scenario there is two objects-one the box...
Apr25-12 02:23 AM
3 1,615
In viewing a derivation of the formula describing the intensity of the interfering waves, I noticed how the electric...
Apr25-12 02:04 AM
2 1,576
Hi, I have some questions regarding on the locating of the center of gravity. I have read some txtbk regarding on...
Apr24-12 09:16 PM
5 3,218
Say we have a gearing system of the ratio 4:1 is the acceleration of the smaller gear 4 times greater than the...
Apr24-12 09:03 PM
2 951
I need dipole moment of anisotropic dielectric sphere The dielectric tensor is given in cartesian matrix I try to...
Apr24-12 08:37 PM
0 827
We know that work is the dot product between force and displacement .. so dot product always gives scalar (horizontal...
Apr24-12 06:29 PM
10 5,448
Let's say there are two rigid bodies in space, each has an initial translational velocity as well as an initial...
Apr24-12 05:48 PM
4 1,104
I'm going through the Light & Optics chapter of Kaplan MCAT prep material & am having a hard time conceptually...
Apr24-12 08:32 AM
1 6,191
Hello, Im new here and I hope someone of you can answer this probably trivial question. I tried to find the answer...
Apr24-12 06:33 AM
2 946
I am doing a project, where I am measuring the tension exerted by different guitar strings from different sets for the...
Apr24-12 06:14 AM
1 1,009
Since I train powerlifting I have started to get interested in the mechanical analysis of the different exercises. But...
Apr24-12 06:08 AM
6 4,379
So I read about a scientist who wrote a physics proof to prove that he did not run a stop sign, basing his argument on...
Apr24-12 06:06 AM
3 1,426
Hi everyone! I've been learning about electric potential energy and electric potential and from what I've read, it...
Apr24-12 05:48 AM
2 1,671
Hello, So presume we have a system in which a chemical process A + B -> X + Y is happening. We allow it to be a...
Apr24-12 01:34 AM
3 832
I'm a little confused about the analysis of TM and TE modes. As per definition, TE modes have only H (magnetic...
Apr23-12 08:53 PM
Bob S
15 10,288
When looking for chaos in the n body problem what should i do?
Apr23-12 10:13 AM
1 731
The essence of Gauss' law is that the total flux through a closed surface only depends on the charge inside the...
Apr23-12 08:16 AM
8 1,301
Hi, why does the energy of the system equals the sum of the energy of the modes? The book I'm reading only states it,...
Apr23-12 07:49 AM
3 1,214
I have an anaerobic digester with a volume of 2500 m^3 and internal temperature is 60C. But, average outer...
Apr22-12 11:06 PM
5 826

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