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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,758
Hi all, I hope that I'm posting in the right section of the forum. If not, I kindly request a moderator to move the...
Feb28-12 06:39 PM
0 838
This likely represents a physical impossibility or contradiction, but I'd like to know that or, if not, understand...
Feb28-12 06:30 PM
6 956
I have a question about the ideal equilibrium MHD equation: \vec{J} \times \vec{B} = \nabla p where \vec{J}...
Feb28-12 05:17 PM
0 1,119
I know this is more of a chemistry question but it's come to this I'm afraid. When calculating entropy changes in...
Feb28-12 03:28 PM
0 1,296
Hello, I am trying to measure a couple of things related to thermal data. Is there a way to measure a transient...
Feb28-12 02:06 PM
0 946
Hi - am looking for some data points on how much suction is required to lift an object at different weights and...
Feb28-12 11:30 AM
1 747
I have a system that looks like this: The top part is a piston, whereas the bottom...
Feb28-12 08:58 AM
0 718
As I was sitting at work the other day productively watching an aeroplane fly across the window I started to think of...
Feb28-12 07:49 AM
5 681
I attached a file that shows the free EM action integral and how it can be rewritten. I would like to know how to go...
Feb28-12 05:46 AM
1 1,074
Hi Guys, Is there an easy way to determine this? Say I have a 300mm Dia Pipe that @ 200deg C, ambient temp 30gec...
Feb28-12 05:20 AM
6 1,132
I'm a little bothered with the inconsistency in notation of electric potential (V) and potential difference (ΔV)...
Feb28-12 03:09 AM
Philip Wood
2 1,243
Few years ago, we have known about the phenomenon that Coca cola is overflow severely when a piece of Menthos candy is...
Feb28-12 03:02 AM
3 980
I can't seem to figure out this question. A Thermometer is filled with unknown liquid. It has a square bulb and a...
Feb27-12 05:13 PM
3 1,646
If a ball, mass 10kg, is displaced 5m by a gravitational acceleration or 10 m/s, what is the work done by the...
Feb27-12 01:15 PM
1 1,047
Assuming that the polymer walks randomly in each dimension, (with arbitrary D dimension) independently. Can I say...
Feb27-12 01:06 PM
0 507
IF a material say a ferromagnet is placed in a magnetic field Bo then there will be an additional field due to...
Feb27-12 11:31 AM
7 1,862
I don't understand conceptually how something accelerating down weighs less. For example, the elevator example of...
Feb27-12 11:18 AM
5 1,363
Are there any mysteries yet unexplained in Classical Physics, Thermodynamics or Statistical Mechanics? Or do all the...
Feb27-12 09:06 AM
7 1,458
Hello a undergrad student from hyderabad ,India. Presently im am doing a theory based research project on...
Feb27-12 05:09 AM
0 904
Greetings everyone, While I was studying on my own using MIT OCW, I came across the following document. In that...
Feb27-12 04:07 AM
13 1,257
I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the idea of electric displacement fields, it doesn't fit in with...
Feb27-12 12:33 AM
1 1,018
I'm doing example 2.1 in Griffith's Electrodynamics book. Can someone explain where the cos(theta) comes from in the...
Feb26-12 06:37 PM
3 1,200
When an electron moves( or any charge particle moves) it creates a magnetic field around it according to biot-savarts...
Feb26-12 07:18 AM
6 1,021 So pump curve, as flow increases, pressure drops. For the...
Feb26-12 05:49 AM
6 3,333
I need to calculate the magnetic force exerted on a ferromagnetic body in a magnetic field. One method is based on the...
Feb26-12 03:27 AM
0 1,095
any help is good so i was thinking about a string and a mass hanging from the center (not tied) of it(any mass "m"...
Feb26-12 01:20 AM
6 1,834
I am trying to determine what the best motor would be for me to achieve an rpm from 0-250 with a maximum 50lb load...
Feb26-12 12:59 AM
6 1,823
I've recently attempted to calculate the force of repulsion between two neodymium magnets. The problems arise fairly...
Feb25-12 11:53 PM
23 3,260
After determining the canonical partition function you can determine the energy as a function of temperature. Now how...
Feb25-12 05:22 PM
0 1,497
Could you let me know which formula is Newton's Gravitation Law used for the three body or n body problem in general?...
Feb25-12 12:03 PM
2 859
How does y(x,t)=f(kx-wt) represent a wave ,and how is(kx-wt) and (wt-kx)?
Feb25-12 12:00 PM
Fazan Mushtaq
0 761
I'm sure this topic has been asked before so I'd be happy if you'd just direct me to the thread. I know U+PV=H and if...
Feb25-12 11:58 AM
1 2,471
μ/T represents the change in entropy if we change the number of particles,, so according to the fundamental assumption...
Feb25-12 11:55 AM
0 848
Hi everyone, There are 2 things I do not understand in the derivation of kinetic energy from work:...
Feb25-12 11:49 AM
6 1,570
When a ruler is placed on a pivot and I push it down from one side, then there is a moment. But then is there any...
Feb25-12 09:02 AM
4 1,323
When I am reading the papers about the break-up of the liquid jet flow, I get to know that Weber improved the linear...
Feb25-12 08:18 AM
0 687
For a rod magnet, how is the field inside the rod change if another piece of ferro magnetic material is being brought...
Feb25-12 05:53 AM
3 1,039
Hey, Imagine a frictionless inclined plane situation where the ramp goes up and to the right. If we put an...
Feb24-12 04:00 PM
Ken G
3 1,960
Hello, I'd like to know how to calculate the transport of a certain volume of water in a vertical wick system. ...
Feb24-12 02:17 PM
0 796
IS huygens principle a consequence of isotropy of space? According to wikipedia...
Feb24-12 02:12 PM
3 910

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