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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,848
My research is related to magnetism and I'm supposed to have a good understanding of permeability but I'm afraid I...
Apr14-12 10:04 AM
2 2,004
I was reading through my notes and this idea popped into my head: If you had to drop a liter of water from a certain...
Apr14-12 04:42 AM
9 960
I've preformed an experiment about the speed of sound waves in water and I found that sound travelled faster in hot...
Apr14-12 04:14 AM
1 5,218
Hello. I have a question about when the Lagrangian can be used. In the textbook we are using it is shown that for...
Apr14-12 03:21 AM
2 956
Hello, I'm having some issues with Love's equivalence principle. I'm studying Balanis' "Antenna theory" (1997),...
Apr13-12 04:32 PM
4 1,774
Hello, I'm trying to create a model of pendulum motion in Matlab to fit the curve we measured in class, and it has...
Apr13-12 03:37 PM
1 1,804
i know these topics are discussed many times and i have read many of them but still have a doubt. Suppose a car is...
Apr13-12 03:20 PM
3 663
Hi Guys, Given a resistor, I understand how to use the bands to calculate the resistance, but how does one tell...
Apr13-12 12:24 PM
6 1,031
I learnt that solids conduct heat by vibrating and thus transferring the energy from one particle to another particle....
Apr13-12 06:43 AM
7 1,454
The above equation gives the EPE of two point charges separated by a distance r. Firstly, I do not understand how...
Apr13-12 04:57 AM
10 1,000
Hi guys, I derived an equation for determining orbital period, given an altitude, speed, and mass of the primary and...
Apr13-12 01:00 AM
7 3,632
It's just a simple question about the pressure under and over the plane's wing problem that I'm trying to answer....
Apr12-12 09:05 PM
17 2,500
Why is it that only Canonical transformations preserve the Hamilton's equations? Or what makes non-canonical...
Apr12-12 07:20 PM
1 626
Hi guys not sure if this belongs in the homework section, anyway here goes! I'm trying to calculate the total...
Apr12-12 06:13 PM
4 732
For example the microcanonical ensemble uses a dirac delta distribution on a certain energy shell E, which is not...
Apr12-12 04:01 PM
0 694
Hello, I have this problem with deriving the formule from de definition of potential energy Picture show a...
Apr12-12 03:16 PM
8 1,347
Mathematically,its easy to say that when the distance between the points tends to zero,for the dipole moment to stay...
Apr12-12 11:30 AM
2 1,353
Imagine that I pour a bowl of water onto the stones in sauna. So, the problem is that I need to estimate how much did...
Apr12-12 09:56 AM
3 1,702
What, other than recoil, the user's unsteady hands and gravity, causes bullets to impact different places on the...
Apr12-12 08:17 AM
3 809
Hello, everyone. I'm working on simulating shallow water flow. I'm using the MacCormack scheme and fractional...
Apr12-12 07:45 AM
1 1,298
If I push a cylinder along a surface with friction then am I right in saying that it would almost instantly start a...
Apr12-12 05:19 AM
Filip Larsen
4 1,132
Hi, I want to know if one sees a canonical transformation that would transform the following Hamiltonian in the...
Apr11-12 11:57 PM
0 1,062
I'm at the end of my vector calculus textbook, and there is a section on how vector calculus can be used to derive...
Apr11-12 11:25 PM
5 978
Suppose I have two metal spheres, radius 1 metre and 1 cm. I charge the small one to 100V. The self-capacitance of...
Apr11-12 08:58 PM
1 1,262
Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding how this works. I'm trying to put the pieces together but I'm hoping...
Apr11-12 08:49 PM
7 1,832
Hi, I am trying find equations for continuous "stretchy" collisions, in other words, I have two perfectly round...
Apr11-12 06:54 PM
3 1,187
Hey there, I've been reading a lot about piezoelectric materials lately and I've steel looking for an answer for a...
Apr11-12 03:55 PM
0 805
Hi, I was studying Cherenkov radiation and here's what I read. A charged particle moving through a medium has an...
Apr11-12 03:46 PM
McLaren Rulez
3 783
I would like to calculate the torque on the air object under water. The pressure is only give from water (water...
Apr11-12 11:46 AM
5 986
I always hear a difference between transverse and longitudinal waves, and, standing and traveling waves, but for me,...
Apr11-12 07:50 AM
Doc Al
6 10,138
A cable weighing 10kg/m supports a 250kg beam(AC) hinged at the wall(BC). The beam is 4.5m long. Find the length of...
Apr11-12 05:51 AM
0 1,132
Hi, Question: we have a magnetization M_x that varying as M_x(t)=M_x e^{-t}.Threre is a coil on the x axe. The...
Apr11-12 03:50 AM
26 2,092
Hi,good morning. I encountered a problem regarding simple harmonic motion. I have seen the graphs of displacement,...
Apr11-12 03:10 AM
5 1,202
Have viewed PF, first time post (have searched for this question on forum): The energy of EM radiation can be...
Apr11-12 12:12 AM
4 2,095
I read that in some ferroelectrics,such as Barium Titanate, dielectric permittivity approaches infinity near Curie...
Apr10-12 09:56 PM
22 3,916
If I have two spheres of the same radius, they can still have different temperatures. However: What if the colder...
Apr10-12 09:40 PM
27 2,132
F_x= (-dU)/dx He used dn in place of dx in a different example. My professor wrote this on the board, and I...
Apr10-12 08:33 PM
3 1,312
I was wondering what the difference in current is if there is one when you have a bundle of copper wire passing...
Apr10-12 06:44 PM
4 1,162
I have a pendulum swinging with frequency w in a frictionless environment and I apply a periodic harmonic driving...
Apr10-12 05:36 PM
Ken G
8 1,751
Why is gravitational potential energy relative to the height you set? When I say relative, I don't mean anything...
Apr10-12 05:17 PM
1 1,755

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