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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,192
Hi, How do we calculate the temperature required to ionize an atom, say, helium. Also how can we find the number of...
May4-12 06:07 AM
6 1,367
Hi, I've taken introductory calculus and am doing algebra based physics, but I'm trying to understand how to relate...
May4-12 03:35 AM
Philip Wood
1 1,015
I've read conflicting descriptions of the relationship between constraint forces and virtual displacements that I'd...
May4-12 12:49 AM
0 698
I've been trying to hash this problem out with some friends of mine, but we haven't been able to find a satisfactory...
May3-12 11:40 PM
4 1,672
So the colors we perceive are a result of photons of a certain wavelength being reflected back at us. So why in a...
May3-12 05:16 PM
12 2,090
I am attempting to design a base to support a post that will be pulled horizontally at its top. A 2D image of the...
May3-12 05:12 PM
7 3,426
Hi everyone! I'm trying to do the classic calculation of the coefficients of transmission and reflection at a...
May3-12 04:20 PM
0 640
One of the formulas I came across while doing problems with simple parallel plate capacitors was E = V/d, where E is...
May3-12 03:46 PM
3 12,867
I’m trying to figure out “power transfer” using drive belts, probably serpentine, possibly cogged. If you have a...
May3-12 03:14 PM
0 834
Hello all, Could anyone explain how a betatron functions and its general purpose or application? Thanks!
May3-12 02:31 PM
Bob S
1 757
Lagrange & Euler formalism How we get relation (\frac{\partial T^{(L)}}{\partial t})_{r_0}=(\frac{\partial...
May3-12 01:21 PM
2 690
Hi, I've been doing a bit of independent study on Gravitation. What I find confusing is why the moon doesn't fall...
May3-12 01:19 PM
4 2,332
Hi everyone, I was watching an MIT OpenCourseWare video where the lecturer describes the problem of a rulers motion...
May3-12 11:21 AM
3 889
I found a website which claimed that 3500 feet of 35mm film was shooting at a maximum speed of 10600000 frames per...
May3-12 09:49 AM
3 974
I was trying to think of natural physical reasons to want to study noncommutative geometry, and it seems to me that it...
May3-12 08:30 AM
1 715
When we deal with heat capacity or specific heat capacity Q=mc(delta temperature) why don't we take into consideration...
May3-12 07:45 AM
1 618
Hello frnds, i understand what conservative and non conservative force are but i didn't get it properly with practical...
May3-12 06:39 AM
Ravi Mandavi
4 15,788
hi, i know hydrostatic pressure has been discussed on this forum but i'm still not convinced (i know, crazy me) i...
May2-12 07:09 PM
4 994
I am attempting to determine a method for calculating the final pressure in a deformable bladder given a starting...
May2-12 06:50 PM
7 1,364
Hello, calculating the magnetic moment of a current loop is trivial, but I want to do it with the general formula ...
May2-12 03:27 PM
1 2,719
a gas follows the equation: PV=RT +kP k= constant P=pressure V= volume T= temperature R= ideal gas constant ...
May2-12 03:16 PM
0 1,484
Hi guys, I read about inertia on various websites and my textbook but I don't quite understand it. I just don't get...
May2-12 02:45 PM
11 1,522
Archimedes's principle says that the buoyancy force would be equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body....
May2-12 01:54 PM
Doc Al
1 3,198
Suppose we have taken a point A on the loop and we are moving clockwise while counting the potential drops and...
May2-12 12:27 PM
0 855
Does the force of magnetism cause electricity?
May2-12 10:26 AM
2 652
So I recently have been introduced to the retarded solutions of Maxwell's equations, which are referred to as...
May2-12 10:14 AM
Russell E
13 3,530
Work done is defined as F vector. dx vector or F dx cos θ where θ is the angle between F vector and dx vector. But,...
May2-12 08:39 AM
9 1,643
If an aircraft is flying straight and level and drops a load but it remains attatched to the aircraft by a cable (hung...
May2-12 07:43 AM
13 5,419
Hi Friends, I want to numerical analysis solution of 3d spherical pendulum with Hamiltonien. Please help me. Thank...
May2-12 05:44 AM
0 822
Wat is meant by "interference" in "electromagnetism is the interference between the electricity and magnetic force."?
May2-12 04:34 AM
1 602
In Nayfeh's electricity and magnetism,the equation of equipotential surfaces of two lines of charges are found and...
May2-12 04:16 AM
2 734
Hello, I need to compare or find relation with water and aviation fuel on different pressures. On what way can I do...
May2-12 03:43 AM
0 578
Why stress tensor must be symmetric?
May2-12 02:13 AM
5 637
hello everyone! can you please explain on factors the value of spring constant depends? And please provide me with...
May2-12 01:53 AM
A Dhingra
6 903
Hi, I'm trying to better understand these terms as they relate to central force motion. Am I correct in that the...
May2-12 12:38 AM
2 1,923
Hey everyone, I am trying to understand the phenomena behind the technique of using amplitude modulation in sound...
May1-12 11:19 PM
4 1,763
A falling object with no initial velocity with mass m is influenced by a gravitational force g and the air resistance...
May1-12 06:41 PM
2 908
Dear All I have a question about the validity of Maxwell Boltzmann velocity distribution in the case of nanoscale...
May1-12 05:50 PM
1 1,220
Hey Everyone, Can someone explain to me the natural of amplitude modulation in regards to sound. As in one...
May1-12 05:07 PM
Bob S
3 750
We have the following problem we're trying to solve: A helicopter is landing at 6 ft/sec, with its nose tilted up...
May1-12 04:14 PM
0 1,031

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