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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,712
Hi I have a question I need help with. Im trying to find out how much forces that a pouch (balloon) creates on...
Aug30-09 06:26 PM
3 708
we know...when a source is running towards the listener...the wavelenth of sound become small and number of waves...
Aug30-09 04:40 PM
1 644
This must have been posted on here before, but I can't find any reference to it. I've had to learn a little...
Aug30-09 02:46 PM
57 2,947
Okay, I'm sure I must have overlooked something very trivial, so please help me with this: Two parallel infinite...
Aug30-09 02:04 PM
2 658
Ive been studying basic mechanics lately and have been trying to understand what "force" really is. First off, heres...
Aug30-09 01:40 PM
10 1,538
I'm having a research topic regarding wave train problem, i read from the book stating that phase-shift could probably...
Aug30-09 01:02 PM
0 412
we know velocity of sound through a matter is v=root(elastic constant/density) according to newton. suddenly it comes...
Aug30-09 11:35 AM
Doc Al
1 664
An electronic circuit that produces electromagnetic waves in the visible light range, would such an experiment be able...
Aug30-09 11:23 AM
Count Iblis
4 1,156
dear revered members, could u people let me the know the role of capacitors in the ignition system of automobile...
Aug29-09 06:57 PM
42 9,050
Hi! I've been looking at Mohr's circle and by and large I understand what's going on. I can see how if the...
Aug29-09 04:06 PM
2 2,636
Can anyone help me with this, i have done the first part, whereas i have obtained B using ampere's law. But changing...
Aug29-09 02:25 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,450
Okay so i just want to make sure i got this right because its a kind of confusing topic for me. So eddy currents are...
Aug29-09 02:10 PM
6 819
I came across this from a book saying that: If all the co-ordinates and velocities are simultaneously specified, it...
Aug29-09 01:16 PM
Bob S
4 705
Hy, i am back with my annoying questions about this and that. Could everyone tell me why the frigging dipole have an...
Aug28-09 10:09 PM
4 731
what is the meaning of deceptivness of field line?? i mean for 2d surface field line = n/2pi*r (f.l. inversly...
Aug28-09 10:04 PM
3 587
My book (an old copy of Halliday-Resnick) gives a proof for the fact that the wave velocity is constant in...
Aug28-09 09:24 PM
3 2,197
Hi, I am trying to calculate the power of a reflected electromagnetic field and can't find a physical explanation...
Aug28-09 09:12 PM
1 1,271
Hello, my name is James Dallas and am new to this forum. I am a first year electromechanical engineering student in...
Aug28-09 07:44 PM
0 2,098
Hello physics forum, I'm interested in modeling the pressure wave created due to the rapid inflation of a balloon. ...
Aug28-09 03:00 PM
Bob S
2 1,588
if we take a magnet and put in space, now we take another magnet and start to revolve it around the first, the...
Aug28-09 09:27 AM
15 2,735
Alfven's theorem: The change of flux through any closed loop moving through a magnetic field of conducting material...
Aug28-09 05:32 AM
10 1,020
How do you add air resistance to these 2 equations? #1 sqrt(2 * d / g) = time until impact #2 sqrt(2 * d * g) =...
Aug28-09 02:09 AM
13 21,054
I've been getting confusing explanation on what negative voltage represents. In electrolytic cells my teacher explains...
Aug27-09 11:50 PM
32 9,343
Hello ppl, I'm new here. I'm trying to compute RK4 for N-body problem. But after computing I'm getting strange...
Aug27-09 06:32 PM
0 1,898
Hy folks! I am new in here.Anyone can give a basic intuition about why the acceleration formula actually works? I...
Aug27-09 05:26 PM
5 697
There is a rod treating as rigid body, the rod which mass is m and lenghth is R rotate about one end of itself with...
Aug27-09 03:56 PM
11 1,019
I thought of what seems to be a very classical problem but I can't find a solution for it. At t=0 you have a sphere...
Aug27-09 03:54 PM
1 745
Hi and thanks in advance for any help with this problem. If I have a very very well insulated tank of water of say...
Aug27-09 09:15 AM
4 5,903
i was reading the book of Griffin - introduction to electrodynamics. it is written that the force of charge q on Q is...
Aug27-09 07:53 AM
7 1,093
Like a radioactive particle emit rays, does this similar to the field lines of a charged particle? at what speed...
Aug27-09 07:22 AM
8 768
While reading a very interesting article/lecture called Life at Low Reynolds Number, there was a reference to a...
Aug27-09 01:12 AM
Vanadium 50
2 1,145
Hi guys, I'm going through Reif's book on statistical mechanics and have a question on the parameter omega, the number...
Aug26-09 11:30 AM
2 5,358
Waht is the work done by friction when a man is walking? zero or nonzero? I was analysing the work done by...
Aug26-09 11:10 AM
21 2,926
I have heard many times that the positive "inductive" part of a circuit's reactive power is equal to "L i di/dt". I...
Aug26-09 02:14 AM
1 11,331
RE: Ocean Waves: 1. Linear Wave Formula - What is the average sea state that is capable of producing a 20 ft. wave?...
Aug25-09 12:45 PM
12 1,342
Say I want to put a bottle of water in the microwave and heat it up. How do I determine the pressure in the bottle as...
Aug25-09 09:48 AM
7 2,302
The total energy of a pendulum is calculated either by it's maximum height (Gravitational Potential), or by the lowest...
Aug24-09 02:52 PM
21 4,409
I need a couple of formulas to determine the live and dead load on a stretched cable for a zip line. They are: 1....
Aug24-09 12:40 PM
0 4,295
Do only electrons emit a photon when accelerated in EM field? Do protons, for example, radiate?
Aug24-09 12:30 PM
Bob S
3 1,623
Hi, I'm looking for a little bit of help in this matter, I'm trying to put up a general formula of the internal...
Aug24-09 04:11 AM
9 4,867

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