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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,832
I'm trying to work out a model for a spring mass system with a force acting at the centre of mass of the mass using...
May17-09 12:30 PM
1 2,159
Hi All, I would like to know what is the main reason to build those metalic apparatus to receive the discharge of a...
May16-09 10:23 PM
6 1,327
Like university researchers measuring the force of Ricky Hattons punch with a special bag, or when programs talk about...
May16-09 06:12 PM
9 1,637
I understand that after writing down this: F^{ \mu v} = \partial^{\mu} A^v- \partial^v A^{\mu} We can get a nice...
May16-09 04:48 PM
14 3,513
Making photos under the water with common camera. Is this possible. Or this need different optics.
May16-09 07:28 AM
8 1,106
While reading a paper on optics, I came across "the radiance of the projector is 20 mW/cm2, expanding out onto an f/18...
May15-09 10:34 PM
Andy Resnick
1 2,672
HELP! I am currently working on the derivation of the equations of motion for three coupled pendula, The mass and...
May15-09 04:31 PM
1 997
I've though about this for a while... If KE from object X is lost during the collision it means that the object will...
May15-09 08:00 AM
Count Iblis
23 3,769
Just want to make sure my concepts about this fictitious force is correct... " Assuming Joe is spinning around on...
May15-09 02:28 AM
11 1,588
I understand that objects of different masses will accelerate equally in a vacuum. This is because the force of...
May14-09 05:33 PM
87 7,844
If we have an inclined plane at angle \alpha and a sphere on that plane it will have angular acceleration due to the...
May14-09 09:17 AM
6 3,304
After seeing contradictory posts on many forums , and getting differing opinions from my teachers , i'm completely...
May14-09 07:54 AM
29 3,937
I have heard that newton's third law fails to apply in certain cases. Is it true?? and if it is , is there a reason...
May13-09 09:04 PM
9 1,498
I was thinking the other day about how conservation of momentum works in terms of a closed system consisting of a...
May13-09 08:08 PM
7 2,559
I would be extremely grateful if somebody could help me out with the following setup. I have a robot arm of x...
May13-09 05:46 PM
0 1,565
Impact of electric shock on human body is above all with electric current, not with electric power. The dead limit is...
May13-09 03:31 PM
3 1,298
I saw this post on a forum and thought it wasn't right, it's about why the force of frction on rotors is independent...
May13-09 03:18 PM
3 1,001
Is the length of time for which an object is falling directly proportional to the force it hits the ground with?
May13-09 11:48 AM
3 772
Considering the visual representation of an electric/magnetic field (by 'line of forces'), is this fact about the...
May13-09 11:27 AM
8 993
Under an influence of a field, the electron distribution can be - Theory A - ...
May13-09 12:28 AM
3 1,155
Hi assume J = I/A = equal in a circular segment of wire then after a while those electrons forces other...
May12-09 11:42 PM
7 1,710
I would like to simulate a gas--very approximately--in 2 dimensions. The container will be divided into a grid, and...
May12-09 07:21 PM
6 1,411
HELLO Can anyone help me about radio frequency because i want to write report about it and i need Title of book...
May12-09 04:06 PM
0 700
I wonder why the amplitude of Huygens' wavelet is equal to the amplitude of incident wave multimpled by i / \lambda. I...
May12-09 02:03 PM
1 1,297
Hi I have read Bio-Savar , Amper law (also maxwell) about Magnetic fields but all of them had I bio-savar : B...
May12-09 01:41 PM
3 3,414
Potential difference is what which makes sense. But calculating the potential difference b/w two points and one of...
May12-09 08:43 AM
9 1,596
Hello we know that satelites turn around a star in ellipse path (or parabola/hyperbola) I wanted to know where...
May12-09 04:54 AM
7 1,326
We know the covariant Lagrangian of the Lorentz force law. However, in presence of a magnetic monopole, one must add...
May11-09 11:54 PM
2 1,301
I was reading about the classic Young's double slit experiment and I had a few questions regarding secondary wavelets...
May11-09 11:20 PM
3 735
Can anyone point me to a derivation of the Lienard-Wiechart potential formulas? I assume that they can be derived...
May11-09 09:05 PM
5 1,364
Can gases lower their temperature by heat radiation? For example in a common room (at around 30°C), I know that air...
May11-09 07:04 PM
5 1,959 How would you go about calculating the mechanical advantage of this...
May11-09 03:14 PM
2 4,235
In a textbook on wireless communications that Im reading, the author states that transmissions from a vertically...
May11-09 11:51 AM
Bob S
2 880
Hello everyone, I need some information with angular velocity in 3D and since I'm a math student, it's been a long...
May11-09 09:05 AM
7 4,785
If you throw a ball straight up, say, and it reaches a height of 30 meters before falling straight down and back to...
May11-09 06:51 AM
Researcher X
7 2,269
Hi pals Could someone introduce me some docs about the unification of electric and magnetic forces? thanks alot
May11-09 06:23 AM
8 1,470
Hello, I noticed that with my radio sometimes when I am getting static if I bring my hand close to the antenna, the...
May11-09 04:59 AM
1 1,428
A metal is held by E.F...its an arrangement of electrons and kernels cause of which the metal sustains as a solid. ...
May11-09 04:33 AM
29 2,242
what is the meaning of modulation and what is types can any one explain that to me and give me any book.
May11-09 04:06 AM
4 929
Temp message This is what a book says - “The number of lines per unit area through a surface perpendicular to...
May11-09 12:08 AM
8 2,286

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