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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,734
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,379
Quoting from Wikipedia: "Time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to travel...
Jan21-12 06:17 PM
5 1,759
Hi 'body, ok, this is a well known issue, but i still can't find a valid explanation of why FTL implies time travel....
Jan21-12 05:19 PM
11 2,067
I am starting my honours project on colliding plane gravitational waves and I am learning about the Petrov-Penrose...
Jan21-12 04:22 PM
5 1,645
In trying to understand why matter curves space i thought up a model that has the curiosity of suggesting the concept...
Jan21-12 03:29 PM
11 5,146
While attempting to wrap my head around the classical Twin Paradox, I asked myself the following. So far I have not...
Jan21-12 02:04 PM
36 3,719
Cosnider a universe with only two objects, a planet and a star... From the rest FoR of the Star, the planet appears...
Jan21-12 01:42 PM
18 3,500
What we humans know about the center of mass of Universe?
Jan21-12 10:13 AM
30 9,917
I'm just curious, in the Coulomb gauge changes made locally to the scalar and vector potential fields are propagated...
Jan21-12 03:25 AM
1 1,048
Hello all, Special relativity tells that space and time should be seen as a single four dimensional space time....
Jan20-12 12:56 PM
3 1,097
Me and a few friend are currently having a large argument whether time is actually changing when a shuttle is moving...
Jan20-12 11:13 AM
34 2,583
We know that 1. Mass causes bend in space-time and this is the how gravitation occurs. 2. The formula for...
Jan20-12 10:55 AM
2 988
Okay, so I'm no physicist, but I just had a random thought. So they say that traveling at the speed of light is...
Jan20-12 10:44 AM
5 1,316
What happens if two objects travel at speed 1/2c in opposite directions? Like suppose two ships left the ISS in...
Jan20-12 06:44 AM
Vanadium 50
5 941
Hi, I have a very basic question, which confuses me, probably due to sloppiness. A particle follows a path...
Jan20-12 04:16 AM
9 1,281
Hello. According to link. we have 0.000011 degrees/year due...
Jan20-12 04:00 AM
2 1,008
Hi, I am doing a problem of GR dealing with weak field limit equations. After decoupling the static and dynamical...
Jan20-12 02:04 AM
4 1,157
I am wondering how space geographers would measure curvature of space around a large isolated star. i am thinking of...
Jan20-12 12:45 AM
8 1,422
Hi all, This question has been baffling me for quite some time... Let's say that a tiny black hole is already...
Jan19-12 05:43 PM
30 3,228
Curious Why does the equivalence of mass/energy involve the speed of light at all? Is it because Einstein...
Jan19-12 05:30 PM
13 1,723
reading about aberration of starlight i discovered that the usual aberration formula can be written either as cos a'=...
Jan19-12 04:38 PM
0 1,376
Hey! I'm trying to understand time dilation in terms of minkowski diagrams. Below I've added a diagram showing the...
Jan19-12 02:44 PM
12 2,287
The way I've been reading it, elliptic geometries are due to a positive Gaussian curvature, while hyperbolic...
Jan19-12 08:27 AM
5 1,528
I was thinking yesterday about a scenario where a ray of light passes a massive body and is deflected. If I were in a...
Jan19-12 12:58 AM
8 1,396
Alright, so excuse my ignorance, but I have no idea why the choice he uses for boosts is "convenient" Just to make...
Jan19-12 12:09 AM
4 1,178
Does the relative motion of a thing slow down the relative motion of a thing? Hope that makes sense or you can work...
Jan18-12 08:53 PM
10 1,750
Say I became a particle and I'm moving at 0.9c towards a spaceship. My course is parallel to the ship, and I'm seeing...
Jan18-12 05:13 PM
4 1,129
As stated in SR, mass of the object increases with its velocity right? Lets assume that all the objects in the...
Jan18-12 04:03 PM
36 3,549
What is the difference between both theories? From what I've heard, GR replaces SR as the more correct theory, but...
Jan18-12 12:46 PM
joan pendleto
2 1,219
Does the force of gravity travel the speed of light? faster than the speed of light? or is it instantaneous? Is...
Jan18-12 08:58 AM
41 26,898
Please explain me how to derive the Timelike geodesics in Schwarzschild Metric. Thank you.
Jan18-12 01:26 AM
2 1,713
I am extremely confused with why time dilation is different from what I've read about traveling at speeds near that of...
Jan17-12 11:25 PM
1 1,071
Hi,guys,What is evidence against and for block universe theory?
Jan17-12 10:01 PM
14 3,459
Hi, I am familiar with the covariant derivative of the tangent vector to a path, \nabla_{\alpha}u^{\beta} and some...
Jan17-12 08:50 PM
3 1,332
Hoping someone can clear up a few questions... At any particular instant in time (from anyone's perspective), is...
Jan17-12 08:27 PM
2 933
Hey, Im new here. I know very little about advanced physics and the theory of relativity, enough though I suppose to...
Jan17-12 06:15 PM
11 1,063
This is a dumb question. Thank you for your patience. I understand that acceleration and gravity are one and the...
Jan17-12 01:28 PM
4 1,142
I want to know that if one sends a radioactive material in a spaceship at high speed and bring it back, do we find...
Jan17-12 08:44 AM
9 1,638
Hi, The explanation I have been given for why GR breaks down at the quantum level is that GR requires spacetime to...
Jan17-12 01:15 AM
1 904
Hi there! Question on momentum in SR. I'm trying to understand this holistically... From what I understand......
Jan16-12 11:52 PM
Simon Bridge
1 894
I am reading Landau and Lifgarbagez's Classical Theory of Fields, 4th edition. In the beginning of page 18, the...
Jan16-12 08:57 PM
6 2,241

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