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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,403
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,037
Does the temperature a body depend on its frame of reference? Does the internal kinetic energy depend on frame of...
Dec17-11 03:41 AM
2 1,365
In general relativity, gravity is modeled as a curvature in spacetime. So the earth moves in a 'straight' path in a...
Dec17-11 12:49 AM
29 7,814
Post any thoughts or ideas here.
Dec16-11 11:32 PM
17 1,757
I've been interested for a while in the nature of space-time. It's been a long time since any body talked seriously...
Dec16-11 11:26 PM
2 1,469
In another thread I asked the question if my mass is comprised of "Higgs Mass" and "Kinetic mass". Drakkith was...
Dec16-11 02:02 PM
7 1,290
Something has been bothering me for quite some time and when you cannot figure it out yourself ask a higher power,...
Dec16-11 10:25 AM
8 2,770
sorry if this has been discussed before but I've not had much luck finding anything on the forum search. Basically I...
Dec16-11 09:00 AM
2 1,187
What are the equations from which all of GR can be derived? Obviously one of the equations is Einstein's Field...
Dec16-11 08:18 AM
4 2,138
I was listening to Feynman on space-time and he challenged the audience to find a paradox in simultaneity over large...
Dec16-11 04:41 AM
Vanadium 50
11 1,984
Last thread that I initiated was titled `Simultaneity is directional while Time Dilation is not', which presented a...
Dec16-11 01:39 AM
7 1,617
I like to try and derive little things by myself if I think it is manageable. One such thing is the addition of...
Dec15-11 11:58 PM
4 1,014
Edit. I think the topic is misinformative and I dont know how to change it. Hey I have to translate this into...
Dec15-11 09:50 PM
3 1,737
Please note that I do NOT want to discuss whether gravity is a force or the effect of space-time curvature here. If...
Dec15-11 09:00 PM
10 4,631
Just wondering if the two are fundamentally linked ? If the universe is in the shape of a 3 sphere and if it's...
Dec15-11 05:15 PM
2 1,528
Do you want to interpret this as a fallacy in relativity? I posted part of this example before. Which is: what if you...
Dec15-11 10:37 AM
32 2,843
I read in the book the elegant universe,that Einstein first saw riemannian geometry in accelerated motion and...
Dec15-11 09:56 AM
4 1,235
So what will it see it self as?? At rest or moving a velocity c? Either way it seems to be a contradiction, so does...
Dec15-11 07:56 AM
sri sharan
4 1,393
One can use the Principle of Extremal Aging to calculate the path of a freely moving body (in an inertial frame not...
Dec15-11 07:55 AM
7 1,533
Hawking and others suggest that it is a very special deal that macroscopic black holes lose quantum information, but I...
Dec15-11 04:10 AM
6 1,753
Can you use any of these theories in daily life? Or how can you?
Dec15-11 03:27 AM
25 4,005
*** Please ignore. Just noticed my error !!! *** Ok. Having been beaten senseless untill I can see how the maths...
Dec15-11 02:50 AM
Mike Hobbs
0 933
I have seen PeterDonis state that predictions of GR are expressed as contracted tensors i.e. scalars. And they are...
Dec15-11 01:28 AM
1 1,771
with the newest discovery of biggest black holes in the universe, i suddenly had this weird thought: what if they're a...
Dec14-11 09:06 PM
3 2,760
Or is this only true when I am viewing someone else's clock? Why does time slow down the faster something travels?...
Dec14-11 06:51 PM
98 10,289
okay, i am totally confused (again). i ihave a general understanding that the higgs mechanism is the effect which...
Dec14-11 06:00 PM
10 4,257
I have been studying up on special and general relativity lately :) But still a few things aren't clear to me...
Dec14-11 03:24 PM
1 1,109
I know that GR deals exclusively with tensors (at least, in every book I have), but how does the same concepts of...
Dec14-11 09:16 AM
2 1,392
Can anyone please explain the difference between Newtonian and GR when used to describe gravity especially with...
Dec14-11 07:23 AM
7 1,495
I try to get the gist of the Special and General theories of relativity for more than two years now. And I still don't...
Dec14-11 07:12 AM
28 2,646
OK, if anyone is so inclined, let's continue the discussion here, since I think we are distracting from the main...
Dec14-11 06:43 AM
62 5,237
I tried to find an answer to this here, but may have missed it. There must be a flaw in my understanding here,...
Dec14-11 06:31 AM
6 2,955
Howdy, Does light exert gravity? last i heard, eletro-magnetic radiation doesn't have mass, and thus no gravity, yet...
Dec14-11 02:50 AM
49 12,485
If we assume: E = mc^{2} and for photons: E = hv Then we can derive an effective mass:
Dec13-11 11:26 PM
2 1,085
This question about the twin paradox(twins A,B). I hope everyone knows the statement. I have read explanations for...
Dec13-11 03:13 PM
2 1,020
According to some physicist and cosmologist observation the speed of light is not a constant depending on region of...
Dec13-11 08:10 AM
5 1,494
If you have a particle, and you know its rest mass is about 100 Mev/c^2 and in the lab frame you measure it to travel...
Dec12-11 10:36 PM
2 1,162
Suppose, A is moving with constant speed c/2 and B is stationary. A fires a beam in direction of his travel. A...
Dec12-11 09:00 AM
9 1,410
Hello guys, so I have a problem. I am familiar with a fair bit of physics but I cannot seem to cross the gap between...
Dec12-11 01:03 AM
6 1,526
Does anyone have any references in the literature that talk about interpreting forces as Christoffel symbols? ...
Dec11-11 10:54 PM
10 1,783
I'm interested in wormholes but my knowledge of advanced physics and general relativity is lacking. I was wondering,...
Dec11-11 10:11 PM
3 2,340

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