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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Y 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 40,919
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,574
Hello. When one is converting between coordinate systems, the Jacobian arises as a necessary consequence of the...
Jan19-11 10:20 AM
2 1,695
I'm a little confused about what an observer would see while watching something fall into a black hole. From what...
Jan19-11 06:39 AM
24 3,030
if light can be affected by gravity then why is it said to have no mass? and sience light is affected by gravity.. if...
Jan19-11 05:57 AM
46 6,830
To travel by space ship to Andromeda (2.5 million light years) within a life time (say 50 years) you would have to...
Jan18-11 03:39 PM
8 3,074
In the LHC, what radial and tangential G-forces does a proton experience where from start to finish? Where would each...
Jan18-11 03:10 PM
0 993
What are the symmetries determined by FRW spacetime? I guess they include Lorentz symmetry, rotationally and...
Jan18-11 01:58 PM
6 2,455
Ok so in Einstein's thought experiment with the train, everything makes sense except... Einstein is stating that an...
Jan18-11 08:29 AM
7 1,040
Hi, Is Spacetime inside the Quantum Vacuum or is the Quantum Vacuum inside or fill up Spacetime?
Jan18-11 12:25 AM
2 821
Is it \nabla_\mu\nabla_\nu A^\alpha={A^\alpha}_{;\mu\nu} or \nabla_\mu\nabla_\nu...
Jan17-11 10:32 PM
3 1,412
Hi I tried using the search function but it keeps timing out on me. Anyway I'm trying to find a good description...
Jan17-11 04:59 PM
6 7,912
This is a two part question. Part 1: I am embarrassed to ask but if someone could please help me. I was thinking about...
Jan17-11 10:10 AM
23 2,818
I was reading in a paper for Chamseddine the following: "In the past many attempts were made to construct gravity...
Jan17-11 05:04 AM
10 2,448
I am confused with some of the aspects of time dilation. I read the derivation (the one with the mirrors) and I...
Jan16-11 11:08 PM
10 2,260
If gravity and acceleration are "cousins," How much faster does time proceed on Earth than floating motionless (or...
Jan16-11 08:21 PM
10 2,555
I'm not very fund of the subject, but what i know is that the Schwarzschild metric and other known solutions for...
Jan16-11 03:09 PM
4 917
Why must the 4-momentum for photons p^\mu =(\frac{h\nu}{c},\frac{h\nu}{c} \textbf{e}) transform as a 4-vector in...
Jan16-11 02:09 PM
2 1,041
I'd like to start by mentioning that I have very little in the way of experience on the subject, so forgive me if my...
Jan15-11 09:23 PM
11 1,470
So I am an engineering graduate trying to teach myself some general relativity. I have tried to solve the Einstein...
Jan15-11 01:57 PM
4 2,610
I do not fully understand the time dialation formula, if the answer is nearer to 1 does that mean time itself under...
Jan15-11 01:30 PM
3 833
In the process of proving that the d'Alembert operator is invariant under Lorentz transformations, it was...
Jan15-11 12:02 PM
2 1,643
Q.) If i were to travel at 100,000 m/s in an exact horizontal line away from earth for approximately 1 year, when i...
Jan15-11 09:33 AM
4 1,453
Suppose you have a source that send a very strong straight beam of light (say laser ) Then you direct the light...
Jan15-11 07:47 AM
59 7,631
Is there any merit to the idea that all black hole singularities are in essence one and the same singularity?
Jan15-11 02:49 AM
13 1,373
Can someone give a definition of Killing Horizon along with a few examples that clearly illustrate the difference...
Jan14-11 08:44 PM
0 778
Can anyone please tell me what does SPEED OF LIGHT WITH RESPECT TO AN OBSERVER mean? Some explain it like this: If...
Jan14-11 02:43 PM
21 2,543
I read papers claiming that the phase of a plane wave (acoustic and electromagnetic) is not an invariant. Taking into...
Jan13-11 10:02 PM
18 4,175
In flat space time the Lagrangian for the EM potential is (neglecting the source term) ...
Jan13-11 05:26 PM
4 1,313
This may be pretty basic but how can black holes have different masses, rotate, obtain material or have mass if black...
Jan13-11 09:33 AM
3 608
It is often stated that the one way speed of light cannot be measured and that the isotropic speed of light is just an...
Jan13-11 07:26 AM
63 7,305
In canonical approach to GR we define certain foliation \Sigma\times\mathbb{R} of the spacetime so that we can...
Jan13-11 06:56 AM
0 584
Hi all, Just a question i was wondering about. We know that in electrodynamics the Lagrangian is invariant under a...
Jan13-11 03:22 AM
3 939
I have a question about covariant and contravariant vectors. I tried making concrete examples and in one example I...
Jan13-11 12:45 AM
4 1,778
My understanding of Hawking Radiation is that a particle and anti-particle form at the event horizon, the particle...
Jan12-11 08:40 PM
George Jones
5 1,718
Hello, Anyone has figure or web site which illustrates how foliation of space time hypersurfaces look like or what...
Jan12-11 04:58 PM
20 3,495
Hi, I've seen many variations of explanations of the twin paradox using special relativity, but i haven't...
Jan12-11 09:56 AM
46 4,654
This topic has been dealt with many threads, in various aspects. I want, in this thread, to set up an example focusing...
Jan12-11 08:56 AM
27 3,085
Why did Michelson assume that ether is moving ? I mean why didn't he assume that Ether doesn't move and that is why...
Jan12-11 07:46 AM
9 1,527
Can anyone explain to me what exactly is a charged black hole?Where is the charge?Is it on the singularity or...
Jan12-11 07:05 AM
1 970
I have trouble getting my head round gravity. How can two objects influence each other at a distance in a vacuum. I...
Jan12-11 05:59 AM
2 992
Is this a paradox? We have a satellite orbiting at a significant amount of the speed of light around the earth. ...
Jan11-11 10:22 PM
22 2,061

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