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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,742
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,387
Last week in physics we were learning about special relativity and we got the equation p=λmv. When writing the...
Mar3-11 07:01 PM
9 1,907
in my simple opinion the red shift is caused by the increasing distance of the light source and the light destination....
Mar3-11 03:03 PM
2 1,107
In Appendix I Simple Derivation of the Lorentz Transformation, in...
Mar3-11 10:31 AM
0 788
Ok i'm a physics layperson, who has a question about relativity which i was hopging someone could answer in a way that...
Mar3-11 09:10 AM
19 2,196
Suppose I am standing on the earth surface and observing a rockhet of very high speed then i will see the lenght the...
Mar3-11 07:58 AM
2 1,068
Is there a way to derive Lorentz transforms by knowing just Galilean/Newtonian relativity (adding up velocities) and...
Mar3-11 07:48 AM
2 830
I wish I could calculate the contraction: gabgab I wish someone could show me how to get n! ...
Mar3-11 02:06 AM
4 2,873
Just joined today, so, hi everyone! And please, forgive me and point me in the right direction if this has been...
Mar2-11 10:45 PM
5 830
I was reading C. Schiller's text on relativity and he gives an expression for the ratio frequencies of two observers...
Mar2-11 09:54 PM
2 2,386
I wish I could see more materials on null electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, I cannot find enough original research...
Mar2-11 11:58 AM
0 444
Is length contraction an assumption which is verified experimentally or can it be proved? If it can be proved, how to...
Mar2-11 08:00 AM
10 1,927
Hope this is the right forum as I am having a little trouble finding my around the site. Just a thought and I dont...
Mar1-11 11:23 PM
4 1,406
So how do charged black holes work? If its photons that are the carriers of the electromagentic force, and photons...
Mar1-11 07:13 PM
1 1,191
Santosh Devasia managed to get a kook paper past the referees at Eur Phys J: "Lorentz violation in high-energy ions,"...
Mar1-11 04:38 PM
3 861
Hello, while solving bending of light problem, where I shoot a light ray from one tower to other. How much light...
Feb28-11 08:00 PM
7 1,071
Hello, this should be an easy one to answer, hope it's in the right place. I'm going through Sean M. Carroll's text...
Feb28-11 02:17 PM
2 1,531
Hello! need some help with length contraction. So according to lorentz transformation we got I dont know how to...
Feb28-11 07:29 AM
10 3,299
Are there any graphs that depict the amount of time dilation that occurs by the fraction of the speed of light for the...
Feb28-11 07:13 AM
8 2,506
Here is my question, starting from a suggested experiment that reminds a known example that Einstein gave about...
Feb28-11 06:59 AM
204 18,520
Do all observers agree on the age of our Universe? If not is there some measure they do agree on? Thanks for any...
Feb28-11 06:24 AM
19 2,038
In an earlier thread, I asserted that a rod has one true length, its rest length. If so, then the shorter coordinate...
Feb28-11 03:22 AM
242 24,302
Okay I am a high school school student trying to learn the components of relativity, but i can't find anything that...
Feb27-11 11:57 PM
8 1,766
Given that we have the one form A we can get the F=dA, and I see how dF=0 and d*F=J, give maxwell's equations. But if...
Feb27-11 11:48 PM
0 711
Scenario: Lets say I lived on planet A (which was massive), which orbited planet B (which was also massive) so closely...
Feb27-11 03:13 PM
3 1,048
Hi, I've been trying to work out exactly why the t=const and r=const lines look like they do in the Minkowski...
Feb27-11 11:24 AM
3 1,063
I keep reading that an observer will find the clock moving relative to him to be slower than his own local clock. But...
Feb27-11 10:34 AM
4 1,674
I was pondering about the following cases and I am wondering if gave a correct description for each case. Do tell me...
Feb27-11 01:09 AM
12 1,769
Hi, I have two questions dealing with general relativity: -assume that we want to use a manifold with torsion, an...
Feb26-11 09:41 PM
2 700
I'm not a physics student but have always been interested. That said my knowledge is very slim. I've always wondered...
Feb26-11 09:09 PM
7 1,574
Forgive me for any misconception I may have, but as a first year university student, I know that any force alters...
Feb26-11 02:17 PM
2 821
I have two metal bars positioned in space so that, when viewed in the xy-plane, they intersect each other at some...
Feb26-11 11:27 AM
7 952
As long as there is any energy/mass at all in our universe, time will always be in a "slowed" state. So, let's say we...
Feb26-11 03:42 AM
9 1,039
For the MMX, the speed of light is measured isotropically at c in free space regardless of the frame, so gives a null...
Feb25-11 05:00 PM
22 1,825
Hi, I am wondering what are the transformation laws (Lorentz transformations) for a general metric, if they exist.
Feb25-11 04:29 PM
39 4,810
I would like to know how light cones work, Everytime I make a post it gets locked before I can learn something. I...
Feb25-11 04:07 PM
5 878
Can anyone explain to an ignorant layperson, with as little mathematics/geometry as possible, whether field lines in...
Feb25-11 07:55 AM
Feeble Wonk
1 573
So I am 100% sure I am missing something here, but can someone explain to me why this doesn't work out? Say I go to...
Feb24-11 08:50 PM
10 1,295
Let a clock A be at rest in an inertial frame and let a clock B rotate around it with constant velocity and constant...
Feb24-11 04:10 PM
3 1,059
This is a conversational post, I am looking for others opinions on the diagram below related to time travel. If it is...
Feb24-11 03:46 PM
1 4,125
Hi! A google search for my upcomming question lead me to this page, and I am delighted to find an online community...
Feb24-11 01:08 PM
1 768

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