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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 41,909
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,279
Does general relativity allow nested event horizons?
Nov19-06 10:01 PM
Loren Booda
18 3,353
:rofl: Discussing with a friend, I was told that using in a derivation the time dilation formula I implicitly use the...
Nov20-06 11:14 PM
18 2,458
Dear all, I would like to know about a possible plane Schwarzschild geometry. This would be the analog of a...
Nov21-06 12:17 AM
Chris Hillman
3 1,924
From all the sources I have (and including wikipedia), it seems that the speed of light is lowered by the presence of...
Nov21-06 12:39 AM
9 3,807
In any textbook on relativity, one finds the classical expression for the stress-energy tensor of a perfect fluid. In...
Nov21-06 01:35 AM
23 3,699
According to the Unruh effect, an accelerating observer will find himself surrounded by a "warm bath" of particles...
Nov21-06 02:08 AM
2 1,723
Einsteins field equations are nonlinear. One could interpret this to mean that curvature is itself the source of...
Nov21-06 02:31 AM
Chris Hillman
33 2,529
I'm new to the physics forums so correct me if I'm in the wrong place. We started a new unit on universal gravitation...
Nov21-06 03:49 AM
Chris Hillman
7 1,482
From an ongoing discussion here, a new question comes to me. Is there a known generalisation of the Schwarzschild...
Nov21-06 04:06 AM
Chris Hillman
6 3,858
What are their differences? Spatially homogeneous is when there is uniform composition of space Spatially...
Nov21-06 05:11 AM
Chris Hillman
4 8,858
Once again, hello to all !:smile: , I'm back with another quick question ... Can you explain or redirect me to...
Nov21-06 06:17 AM
Chris Hillman
5 2,197
Hello there! Am actually doing my end of year project on GPS and GR. It's actually a review of Ashby's work. I am...
Nov21-06 08:15 AM
George Jones
3 2,282
Is the reason why the Lorentz transformations form a group because of the reason on this website ...
Nov22-06 01:08 AM
6 2,484
The Rindler geometry and its horizon can be obtained by a simple succession of Poincaré transformations to match the...
Nov22-06 05:16 PM
Chris Hillman
19 2,857
This may be a repeat, but I don't think the earlier shorter post survived the recent PF upgrade, at least I couldn't...
Nov22-06 07:12 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,448
I know that gravitational energy is a delicate topic in GR. It is true that the localisation of gravitational energy...
Nov22-06 07:24 PM
Chris Hillman
10 3,594
Gravitational waves are usually associated with powerfull events (stars, black holes, etc.) but I just wonder if they...
Nov22-06 07:54 PM
Chris Hillman
7 2,064
Assuming LISA does find graviational waves in the future, is there any way in theory to focus these gravitational...
Nov22-06 08:37 PM
Chris Hillman
8 1,590
I'm wondering if event horizons can exist in shapes other than perfect spheres (for instance, if the object has...
Nov22-06 09:09 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,880
Hi All, I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction. I'm interested in simulations of General...
Nov22-06 09:18 PM
Chris Hillman
3 1,525
Hello to all, Could someone give me a link that would point me towards a description of the inner workings of the...
Nov23-06 05:14 AM
4 1,238
I understand why it is so desirable to be able to write all the laws of physics by the same rule in any system of...
Nov24-06 09:56 AM
11 1,447
Hello, folks - here is a question that I have been pondering for about 20 years. As I understand it, the...
Nov24-06 10:22 AM
Lelan Thara
10 2,975
I have heard that if one is hypothetically placed in a box completely solid, whith a shield that leaves everything...
Nov24-06 02:36 PM
3 1,357
A short question this time : Is the gravitational length contraction an effect which acts parallel as well as...
Nov25-06 07:39 PM
2 2,910
Hello, I have just registered in the forum! I am a shool student, who is generally inerested in Physics and...
Nov25-06 10:58 PM
10 1,983 which turned into a discussion of the various kinds of mass in...
Nov26-06 01:06 PM
23 2,558
I've done college courses on both & it's not clear yet how they conflict. I'm looking for a more technical account....
Nov27-06 03:25 AM
14 2,664
Here's something for the phone book's fans to chew on: Surprisingly, on page #1278, in the index entry "Torsion",...
Nov27-06 04:24 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,004
Einsteins field equations are nonlinear but I guess that nobody has already found solutions to the full nonlinear...
Nov27-06 04:48 PM
Chris Hillman
38 6,244
hi: Using gr and with great idealizations he discovered that the surface of imploding stars, viewed by a static...
Nov27-06 05:18 PM
Chris Hillman
2 1,819
Whenever there's no acceleration then: (Geodesic equation) \nabla _{u} u =0 where the covariant derivative...
Nov27-06 05:37 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,431
The stress energy tensor of a perfect fluid is composed of two terms of which only one term contains the metric tensor...
Nov27-06 06:09 PM
Chris Hillman
24 6,331
Perhaps gravity is not space-time curvative, and background independence not needed, and spacetime is infinitely...
Nov27-06 08:22 PM
0 926
Hi.Recently,my friend told me that time travel is suppose to be phenomenon.I don't how this could happen.She wrote...
Nov27-06 08:47 PM
0 2,017
Hi, sorry if this is a frequently asked question. I was reading up on black holes with electric charge and I was...
Nov27-06 09:03 PM
Chris Hillman
3 2,203
In another thread, Nerid mentions The Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object (MECO) Model of Galactic Black...
Nov27-06 10:04 PM
Chris Hillman
1 1,188
I understand it is always possible to diagonalize a metric to the form diag at any given point in spacetime...
Nov27-06 11:18 PM
Chris Hillman
4 3,462
Does a rappidly spinning mass experience an effect in GR that is equivalent to mass dialation in SR? I so, would it...
Nov28-06 12:30 AM
Chris Hillman
10 2,146
How can I obtain a Kerr metric by using the Einstein equation?
Nov28-06 02:28 AM
Chris Hillman
4 4,511

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