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Dec15-07, 09:47 PM
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I must admit. I am slowly becoming a tech junkie. I have office 2007, and its great. I use microsoft outlook to link to my msn mail and my school email -sweet. I also downloaded Internet Explorer 7, really really nice program. I have 7 home pages that all load up each time I open IE and it autosaves the passwords for them. So bing, there is Physicsforums, my school email, msn email, ebay, blackboard etc. And the fact that its all in tabs means I dont have my windows menubar full of IE tiles. Even more awesome is the google toolbar which lets me hight words, right click, and do a fast google search without typing a thing. Then I downloaded the latest version of AIM which lets you change the colors it displays. And the latest version of real player, which looks very nice.

It seems like computers are making another big jump in terms of user interface. Everything is now so clean, and user friendly. I am really impressed by whats being put out now. Very high quality.

Then theres the Iphone which has a moving google map on it, with that sweet touch screen. Ipods the size of a quarter. I love technology

I just want them to figure out a way to eliminate all these damn power cords all around the back of my computer.

I want to get vista because it looks so damn nice, but I only have 1 gig of ram and I hear its very slow with 1 gig. But I think given some time for MS to get the bugs out, its going to be a nice OS. I love XP. Its never crashed on me before.
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