Applications for optimized carbon fiber composites

by BA_Student
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Apr16-11, 06:39 AM
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for a University project I need to find areas of application for a special carbon fibre composite design process. This process makes it possible to optimize several properties of the carbon composite at once.

For example it is possible to develop structures that provide several properties at once such as:
- high stiffness
- minimal material thickness
- high thermal conductivity
- radiation hardness
- no corrosion
- many possible shapes of the component
- high pressure resistance
- ...
it is also possible to construct cooling systems for electronics (also microchips)

can you think of areas where these, or other special/high-performance, properties are needed at the same time and their joint optimization could provide an additional benefit?

Or, also, which combination of properties, which can not be provided yet, would provide an additional benefit in a special field of application?

Thanks in advance for your answers
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