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Applied Physics OR Physics OR Insert Better Option Here

by generalisteng
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Jan31-12, 06:35 AM
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This is my first post on here, but I've been browsing PF for years now.

I'm in a bit of a snag. I'm starting as a freshman in college this fall, and I'm not exactly sure what subject I can major in that will satisfy my interests. Basically I'm really interested in every field of engineering, from mechanical to electrical. I read a lot of Iron Man as a kid, so I sort of developed that interest in building things irrespective of domain. My current engineering professor says that it's best if I major in Physics in undergrad and get the theory out of the way and then get an engineering masters. Do you agree? I want to be involved in Electric Power, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanics, and a slew of other stuff (DW I'm not day dreaming, I know just how much work it would take), and I don't have a problem studying certain things by myself, so I was thinking I take the Applied Physics track at my school. Does this seem like a better idea than majoring in Physics?

Sorry if my post doesn't follow a logical sequence, I'm a bit off it at 7 in the morning lol

Thank you

PS, Here are the Course Structures for each major if you'd like a better idea

Applied Physics

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