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Classical Classical Electromagnetism by Jerrold Franklin

by Greg Bernhardt
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Greg Bernhardt
Jan18-13, 09:59 PM
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User comments:
  • Meir Achuz
    This book is on the level of Jackson, but with the readability of Griffiths.
    It has good Amazon reviews.
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Jan29-13, 08:32 AM
P: 53
Nothing is Special in this book if you have already done Griffiths. If one completed Griffith then go directly to Jackson. Doing Jackson twice is far better than doing this book.
Dec14-13, 05:20 PM
P: 76
Snow-Leopard .... I don't think you're actually talking about Franklin's book... First of all, it presents Classical Electrodynamics in a beautiful way, crystal clear, with (almost) all calculations done for you. It also provides the physical insight so that electrodynamics does not become just a bunch of annoying mathematics. All in all, I think this is THE text on electrodynamics. Don't really understand why you would need Jackson at all, that's an absolutely dreadful book. I honestly think Jackson has absolutely no idea of pedagogy.
If , for some reason, after Franklin you still want to continue in the field of Classical Electrodynamics, go to this book:

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