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Hysteresis Loop in MATLAB

by vinzie
Tags: hysteresis, loop, matlab
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Jun20-13, 09:20 AM
P: 19
Hi there,

Would anyone help me in simulating hysteresis loop in MATLAB?

Thank You!
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Jun20-13, 09:59 PM
P: 2,251
like a transformer hysteresis loop? without the hysteresis, what does the curve look like?
Jun22-13, 04:13 AM
P: 19
I meant the hysteresis loop of a ferromagnetic substance

Jul30-13, 03:53 AM
P: 23
Hysteresis Loop in MATLAB

You can use Langevin function to describe a hysteresis loop. Exact form of Langervin function you can find out in many textbooks on magnetism.

[itex]M(H)=M_s.[\cosh(c(H+\alpha M))-\dfrac{1}{c(H+αM)}][/itex]

or use this

[itex]M(H)=M_s.\tanh(c(H+\alpha M))[/itex]

For the code, It is extremely easy, in ten lines, so try it.

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