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Difference between flash evaporation and cavitation

by svenki7
Tags: cavitation, difference, evaporation, flash
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Sep1-13, 11:01 PM
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what is the differencce between flash evaporation and cavitation ?
Can i apply cavitation model for flash evaporation in cfd ?

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Sep2-13, 02:32 AM
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cavitation is bubbles of compressible gas inside of a fluid.
flash evaporation is the single stage fluid->gas transiation.

These aren't 100% related. You mention CFD. Are you trying to make a model for heating fluid to the point it evaporates then computing how the caviation (bubbles formed) effect your process? Otherwise not sure what your end game here is.
Sep3-13, 12:44 AM
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Thanks for reply
Im trying to make a model for flash evaporation in cfd

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