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Quarter wave chokes and waveguides?

by Pseudo Epsilon
Tags: chokes, quarter, wave, waveguides
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Pseudo Epsilon
May1-13, 03:52 AM
P: 102
hi all, could someone please explain how the above work? Thanks in advance.
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May1-13, 04:17 AM
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yes I could :)

but what research have you done for yourself so far ?
have you even tried to type your topic title into google ?

the first google hit was a wiki link that told you everything you would probably want to know

on Physics Forum, we try to encourage people to learn to do research, rather than have some one just spout out all the answers. You will learn much more that way :)
If there is something specific in that wiki link you dont understand, then ask specific questions

Pseudo Epsilon
May1-13, 05:54 AM
P: 102
yes why do only certain fractions of wavelenths reflect em radiation?

Pseudo Epsilon
May1-13, 05:57 AM
P: 102
Quarter wave chokes and waveguides?

and sorry i thought if someone explained it in a summarized fashion it would help.
Pseudo Epsilon
May1-13, 08:29 AM
P: 102
so why those fractions of the wavelenth?

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