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Artificial World

by Fricas
Tags: artificial, world
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Jan4-07, 08:18 AM
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I'm programmer and I'm a bit familiar with physics. For some reasons I want to begin developing something like artificial world, it is possible to avoid chemistry's side, but physics no. I am far not a gurru in physics, so maby some of u could help me with theorical side, about main physical forces that should be programmed in this world. I want to make simulator for artificial intelligence developing and I need to make this world as easy as possible.
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Jan4-07, 08:28 AM
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Welcome to the Forums,

If you aren't too familiar with physics, I'd stick with classical physics. That is, Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism. You will be able to describe most phenomena in your world using two forces.

(1) Electromagnetism - Lenz's law etc.
(2) Gravitation - Newton's Law of Gravitation

Hyperphysics is a good online reference for such subjects.

(I would suggest that this thread would be better placed in general physics/engineering, since you will probably get more replies and interest their. If you wish to have the thread moved just PM a mentor and request that it be done)

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