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Oregon State repeats as Baseball National Champs

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Jun24-07, 10:06 PM
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Another amazing finish for the Beavers!

It was supposed to be a "rebuilding year".( They lost almost all of last year's starting players to graduation or the draft).

They struggled in conference play during the season going 10-14. (And thus become the first team to win the national championship with a losing conference record.)

They almost didn't make the play-offs at all, being the last team picked.

And yet, once they reached the College World Series, they took it all without losing a single game.

Way to go Beavs!!!
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Jun24-07, 10:10 PM
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WOW! a repeat!

YEAH! Beavers!
Ivan Seeking
Jun24-07, 10:23 PM
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I second that "Wow!" I had no idea. Great job OSU.

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