Need egg drop project ideas

by Madd069
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Oct5-10, 08:58 PM
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Well, we have the same thing that is due in 2 days, on Thursday. The rules are: The supplies used to make your project must be biodegradable, and it must be in a biodegradable box. Thats all. And what I did was take a tissue box, I bought some cotton balls at the store, I took the tissues out of the box. Then I crumpled the tissues up, put the cotton balls in, and stuffed the egg in, surrounded the egg. You can use that idea but please try to add a different detail in it. Just I thought it up myself lol. But feel free to use that idea. Also, if you want, you could probably add a parachute to it, you know, to make it drop easier and more slower. Ok, gtg. Bye!

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