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RC and RL circuits

by ECE
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Nov18-07, 06:46 PM
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Does the capacitor acts as a current source and the inductor acts as the voltage source in the RC and RL circuits respectively? If so why does the capacitor not act as a voltage source and inductor not act as a current source?

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Nov18-07, 07:59 PM
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No. Both the capacitor and inductor actually absorb energy. A fully charged capacitor (energized) will discharge nonlinearly into a resistive load. A current source in theory should supply constant current into any load.

A fully energized inductor (where current is flowing through it) will not supply a constant voltage into a load, as required by a voltage source. When the current through the coil is cut off, the magnetic field will collapse and release energy, thus inducing a voltage nonlinearly.

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