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Please i need help and fast!

by momen salah
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momen salah
May7-08, 11:27 PM
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hi i'm new here and i wanted to ask a question

what is the laplace inverse of 1 ?

i have been told that it's laplace transform of dirac(t).

but what is dirac(t) please i have looked every where in the web for it it's two marks bonus for me if i get it and it's due today.
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May8-08, 04:31 AM
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Did you try Wikipedia?

[tex]L(\delta(t-a)) = e^{-as}[/tex]
Let a=0. And there you have it.
May8-08, 06:05 AM
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The "Dirac delta function" is more commonly called just "the delta function". It is not, in fact, a "function" but rather a "generalized function" or "distribution". Roughly speaking that's a that's a functional: an operator that assigns a number to every function. The delta function assigns the number f(0) to every function f (so [itex]\delta(t- a)[/itex] that Defennnder show assigns the number f(a) to every function f).

momen salah
May9-08, 04:50 AM
P: 7
Please i need help and fast!

thanks guys

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