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Mechanical Advantage

by ramonegumpert
Tags: mechanical advantage
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Sep21-09, 11:07 AM
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Dear Sirs/Mdms,

There are many techniques to achieve Mechanical Advantage, for instance:

using Gears, Pulleys, Belts, Levers, Hydraulics etc.

I am not sure which gives the highest Mechanical Advantage (MA) in the most efficient manner , that is, to use the least components (eg. gears, levers, pulleys) to achieve the highest MA.

Could you kindly advise me which (can be not in the list) is the one or a few recommended ones?

I need to generate a force using a DC motor to push/pull (reciprocal) something attached to a spring. This device would be able to operate in any position : upside down, tilted etc.

I am thinking of using a dc gear motor coupled with a reciprocal piston-like arm but not sure is it the best technique to use.

Hope to get some advice. I am a greenhorn in mechanical engineering and recently picked up this hobby to build something.

yours sincerely,
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Sep21-09, 11:15 AM
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You're going to need to give us a better idea of what you're trying to achieve before we can give guidance. Maybe you could make a sketch of what you are trying to do?

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