Contactor with auxillary contacts

by ismat143
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Jan25-10, 02:32 PM
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i want to make automatic on/off the 3 phase pump with float switch and 3 phase contactor(with auxillary contacts) for my tank.

i have,
1. contactor with auxillary contacts(3 phase contactor , a1,a2 coil voltage 220volts, no and nc)
2. Float switch(single phase)
3. with this i want to put Manual On/Off switch for pump(no , nc)

i want the connection details, can anyone help?
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Jan25-10, 07:34 PM
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Maybe something like this? Three Phase Motor Starter
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Jan26-10, 04:21 AM
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Please refer to attached page and following descriptions.

F1: Fuses
Q11:Contactor or automatic star-delta starter
F2: Overload relay with reclosing lockout
F8: Float switch 1-pole (circuit: pump full)
S1: Changeover switch (MANUAL-OFF-AUTO)
F9: Float switch 1-pole (circuit: pump full)
M1: Pump motor a Cable with float, counterweight, pulleys and clamps
b :Storage tank
c: Pressure pipe
d :Centrifugal (or reciprocating) pump
e :Outlet
f :Suction pipe with filter
g: Water-failure monitoring by means of a float switch
h: Well

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