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Converting g/cm3 to Kg/ft3

by NXSmiggy
Tags: converting, g or cm3, kg or ft3
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Oct7-10, 02:59 PM
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Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a conversion method for these two units.

I'm developing a calculator (simple VBS script) to convert units and was asked by a friend to include this conversion if possible.

I'm Struggling to work out a equation or conversion method that I can use.

All help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Doc Al
Oct7-10, 03:07 PM
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Use 1000 g = 1 Kg and 2.54 cm = 1/12 ft (approx).
Oct7-10, 03:14 PM
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Quote Quote by Doc Al View Post
2.54 cm = 1/12 ft (approx).
IIRC, in the USA at least, an inch is defined as 2.54 cm exactly.

Oct7-10, 03:15 PM
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Converting g/cm3 to Kg/ft3

You could also use google calculator...
Doc Al
Oct7-10, 03:19 PM
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Quote Quote by jtbell View Post
IIRC, in the USA at least, an inch is defined as 2.54 cm exactly.
Hey, you're right! (D'oh!)

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