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Lagrangian, scalar or pseudo-scalar?

by salparadise
Tags: lagrangian, pseudoscalar, scalar
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Jan10-11, 12:04 PM
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My question is. Can in principle, a Lagrangian density for some theory be a pseudo-scalar. Normally people say that the Lagrangian needs to be a scalar, but it case it is a pseudo-scalar it would also be a eigaen function of the parity operator.

This topic could well be on the classical physics section, but as this is more relevant in quantum theory I decided to place it here.

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Jan10-11, 04:04 PM
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The normal requirement is that the fields transform irreducibly under the spacetime symmetry group and that the lagrangian density is a scalar under the spacetime symmetry group. The symmetry requirement for QFT in Minkowski spacetime is restricted Poincare group plus CPT plus gauge invariance. The Lagrangian density should be a scalar wrt to the 3 altogether or each taken separately.

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