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Where is the center of the universe?

by thetexan
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Apr8-12, 03:39 PM
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...especially since what we are dealing with here are THEORIES.
Okay, here we go...
Apr8-12, 04:45 PM
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I seemed to have stirred up a hornets' nest. On an Easter day as well.

I used the balloon analogy as Stephen Hawking used it. If the universe has no centre then it is infinite, but this disagrees with Stephen Hawking's Big Bang theory.
Whether the universe is infinite or not has no bearing on the Big Bang theory, nor does it have any bearing on if there is a center.

I do not think that what I said was at odds with Davec426913's view. Yes, the ants on the surface of the balloon will move away from each other as the balloon expands. Agreed. However, the question posed is "where is the centre of the universe?" Not, where is the centre of the skin of the universe? The balloon has a centre and it is the balloon's centre, which I attempted to locate.
You are missing the key element, which is that it is an ANALOGY. Of course we can see that the balloon has a center. We live in a 3d world which the balloon is part of. However the hypothetical 2d ants do NOT live in a 3d world but in a 2d world. There is no center of the balloon to them because there isn't a third dimension that they can interact with. There is only the 2d surface, which is expanding in our analogy.

"the point at which we see the balloon expanding outwards from does not exist" . Well, I would be obliged to be directed to where this theory was stated and survived peer review.
It isn't a theory, it's an analogy.

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