Looking for Person To Share Info/Solve and Share Problems with;

by Swimmingly!
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Feb10-12, 12:17 PM
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I'm looking for something like a partner to study/share info/solve and share problems with.
I sometimes slack off or get stuck so, so this could be a way to increase productivity since I don't know many people to ask for help (I'm willing to give what I can too of course).
This might turn out as a failed test but the idea has been bothering me. Maybe something interesting comes out.

I'm interested in math, physics and languages and many other things.

Someone with a similar level of education to mine would probably work best. I'm not a genius and I'm not looking for one.
Also I don't mind someone to just throw random problems at me, (preferably interesting of course).
PM or reply.

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PS:Some of the things I'd be willing to learn/work on or have worked on.

-Math (Matrices, Tensors, Calculus, n-Dimensional Geometry ,Graphs,
-Physics (Electromagnetism, Maxwell's Equations, GR and SR, Laws of Motion)
-Languages (German (possible but improbable Polish/Dutch/Japanese)
-Linguistics (German Grammar/Orthography/Phonetics basically)
-Conlang (Definition of Conlanging: Creating Languages)
-Some Problems that I've worked on (e.g:"Number of Even Numbers in the nth Pascal Triangle's Line.", "Equation for the motion of bodies subjected to Gravitational Forces only", "Come Up With Riemman Sums and Taylor Series")
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Feb10-12, 12:38 PM
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We have a forum for asking for and getting help.
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Feb10-12, 12:55 PM
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Sometimes I feel like the questions are not as objective as they should be for the forum or not fit for it or might lead into some other questions right after, so I avoid using as not to spam. I do use it sometimes though. Thanks.

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