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Feb27-12, 09:20 AM
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I am in 11th grade and immensely interested in physics.I want to be a physicist,be involved in research,contribute something,be in the company of top physicists and satisfy my curiosities.In India we have the IITs for engineering but there is an enterance test from next year which include many other things like school %age,etc.At school we are tested on derivations and other mugged up things which I do by other methods or fail to mug up and loose marks.But I am able to solve almost all problems from resnick/halliday and hc verma.I don't see any good colleges here for doing B.Sc. in physics.

If I make it should I opt for engineering at IIT and later do something in physics?
If so which branch (most related to physics especially mechanics and the modern part)?
Does it really depend on the college you get? are you finished if you don't get any top college?
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