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>genescaffold:dipOrd1:GeneScaffold_6031:21480:5787 8:-1

by hivesaeed4
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Feb8-13, 12:11 PM
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Normally when we have a FASTA header on top of a sequence of a gene in ncbi you expect something like


This clearly indicate that on the 7th chromosome and between bases 100155759 and 100159857 the concerned gene is present. It further tells us that its the human genome (NCBI36) and that the gene is transcribed in the direction of the forward strand.

But lets come back to the title which actually is also a FaSTA header present on top of a sequence of a gene in ncbi. Now its the mouse genome (found that out separately, and I know the gene lies between 21480 and 57878 and that its transcribed along the reverse strand). But where does the gene lie (as in which mouse chromosome)? And whats this gene scaffold ? And whats dipOrd1?

Lots of thanks in advance.
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