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Axially loaded structural member problem

by Pepsi24chevy
Tags: axially, loaded, member, structural
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Sep6-05, 06:09 PM
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Hey guys, I need setting up this problem. Here it is:
A structural member is fabricated from a solid round bar of steel with a diameter D=50mm. If the member is 6.0m long, determine the maximum axial force that can be applied if the axial stress is not to exceed 175MPa and the total elongation is not to exceed 0.14& of its length.

I know the answer is 343.5 KN but i am unsure of how to get it. Thanks
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Sep6-05, 10:05 PM
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Stress or Pressure [Pa] is Force per Area [N/m^2]
Did you try multiplying the stress by the Area?

Do you know how much the steel stretches per Pa?

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