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The Feynman Lectures

by dx
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Nov12-05, 01:28 AM
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Hey, Im currently in 11th grade. Were studying Mechanics from Resnick & Halliday 7th edition. I'd like to know If Feynman does a better job with mechanics? (Volume one). Next year , were gonna study electromagnetism, and I was planning on reading Feynman Vol II in the summer, should I or should I just read from Resnick. Basically, I want to know if Feynman's books are better than Resnick & Halliday.
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Chi Meson
Nov12-05, 07:08 PM
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Read through the "Feyman's Lectures" thread (right there on the first page of this forum). In short: Feyman is THE rescource for teachers, and professors of elementary physics. THis is not really the ideal textbook for "first time" physics students. IT is a book that anyone could come back to at any time in their physics carreer, and it wouldn't hurt you at all to use this as well as H & R.
Nov15-05, 02:09 PM
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As an undergraduate I remember Resnick and Halliday as the book that made physics seem ugly and unappealing, the problem solutuons full of unmotivated assumptions and frustrating unjustified claims.

I hated physics for years afterwards until I read some works by Wheeler, Feynman, Pauli, Einstein, Planck, and de Broglie.

Feynman is to me the one that makes it seem fun, and exciting, and meaningful forever.

Nov15-05, 03:09 PM
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The Feynman Lectures

If you have a high-bandwidth Internet connection, you can watch streaming videos of Feynman's New Zealand lectures on QED.
Nov21-05, 12:33 AM
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Hi! dx
As Chi Meson said that Feyman is THE rescource for teachers, and professors of elementary physics. At your grade, a more standard textbook like Mechanics from Resnick & Halliday 7th edition would be OK!
And remember excersises are good for your understanding of some basic concepts and your ability of solving problems!!
Nov28-05, 06:16 PM
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I just started reading the Feynman lectures, and I think they are awesome so far and make physics exciting. I think they are a good supplement for reading after you have taken some physics courses.

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