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    First Message

    Welcome again to Physics Forums! Please share our community with your friends.

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    Happy Birthday

    It's your birthday!

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    First Responder: It's a Start

    You've been the first to respond to a thread. Keep it up and look out for more threads needing a response! They are highlighted orange in the thread lists or click the "Unanswered Threads" link in the "Forums" top navigation bar.

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    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting quality for more!

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    First Responder Level 1

    You've been the first to reply to someone 5 times! Keep it up. People need help!

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    Education Background Profile

    Thanks for setting your educational background in your profile!

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    Keeps Coming Back

    100 messages posted. You must like it here!

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    Academic Institution Member

    You've signed up using college email. Welcome!

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    First Responder Level 2

    You've been the first to respond to someone 25 times!

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    The Sisterhood

    A welcome but dangerous group of female scientists :)

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    Video Critic

    Thanks for uploading 25 videos to the gallery!

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    Between the walls

    You're using a government email. Welcome :)

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    By the Book!

    You've actually viewed the guidelines! Yes!

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    Can't Stop Me Now!

    You've posted 250 messages. Keep it up!

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    I Like It a Lot

    Your messages have been liked 75 times.

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    Established Member

    Happy one year anniversary! Thanks for being a member for so long!

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    First Responder Level 3

    You've been the first to respond to someone 50 times!

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    Media Mogul

    Thanks for uploading 10 videos to the gallery!

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    The Emmy goes to...

    Thanks for uploading 100+ videos to the gallery!

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    Seriously Likeable!

    Content you have posted has attracted 200 likes.

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    Gold Member

    Thanks for being a Gold Member!

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    First Responder Level 4

    You've been the first to respond to someone 100 times! Way to go!

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    Time Magazine Member

    You've had 5+ of your threads featured! Well done!

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    On The Cover Of...

    One of your threads has been featured! Keep posting those great threads!

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    1,000 messages? Impressive!

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    Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff

    Your content has been liked 500 times.

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    Like Family

    Happy 4 year anniversary! You've been here so long, you're now PF family!

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    Walking the Runway

    You've had 2 of your threads featured! Well done!

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    The Reel Master

    Thanks for uploading over 1000 videos!

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    First Responder Level 5

    You've been the first to respond to someone 250 times. Epic!

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    PF Insights Blog Author

    You have written at least 1 blog entry at PF Insights. Thank you!

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    I LOVE IT!

    Content you have posted has attracted 1000 likes.

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    Beyond Addiction

    5,000 Messages

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    First Responder Level Awesome

    You've been the first to respond to someone 500 times! You da best!

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    The God Father/Mother

    A legend. A member for 10 or more years!

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    Top Shelf Member

    2000 Likes, wow!

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    The Regular

    You've hit 10,000 messages! Love seeing you around so much!

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    First Responder Level: Speechless

    You've been the first to respond to someone 1000 times! PM Greg Bernhardt. You're getting a proper reward.

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    Hello Mr./Mrs. President

    A rare breed gets to 3000 Likes!

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    More Posts than Atoms in the Universe

    Congrats, you've posted over 20,000 messages!

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    PF Sagan Award

    5000+ likes! Everyone loved Sagan. Everyone seems to love you. Keep it up!

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    The Einstein Award

    You've hit all the high marks with 750+ Likes, 10,000+ Posts, and 5+ years a member. High praise for you!

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    More Posts than Atoms in the Multiverse

    Congrats, you've crossed 40,000 posts!

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    Science Advisor

    Congrats, you're a Science Advisor!

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    Homework Helper

    Congrats, you're a Homework Helper!

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    Education Advisor

    You have been recognized for the frequency and quality of your advice in the education forums. Thank you!

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    You have joined the ranks of the highly acclaimed Mentors

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    PF Emeritus

    Staff who have retired on a beach somewhere in the south pacific