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    How do you deal with wanting to read so much stuff, but not having the time for it?

    its called priorities I have so many things on hold because i have more important stuff to take care of first
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    Self esteem

    the fastest way is to hang out with people who are confident and pickup on their certain behaviours that you like. Also stop caring what people think - only way to do that is to make a fool of yourself in public.
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    How to tell a friend you don't want to room with them

    Why not just straight up tell him what you wrote here. Tell him you value him as a friend and also don't want to lose him if rooming is not gonna work out due to different sleep patterns. I hate it when people are being indirect and sneaky when trying to communicating something to me...
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    Doing Master's of Engineering in Europe?

    I'm studying Civil Engineering here in Canada. I'm interested in doing my masters somewhere in Europe but i don't know how it will work out. I'm interested in structural/infrastructure branch of civil engineering and every country/area have their own laws and regulations regarding building...
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    YouTube Classics

    takes a few seconds to load, be patient =) Edit from Evo: You can't post a gif as a youtube video, it won't work.
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    Best websites

    if you have a lot of time to waste, then go to StumbleUpon to find cool websites it gives you suggestions based on your feedback
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    Masters of Civil Engineering

    i agree with you however, i don't know which one I will enjoy more...will decide after third year
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    Masters of Civil Engineering

    ok I haven't done much research, but from what I heard from upper year students, transportation is much easier to study and there's more money in that field. This is in Canada btw. Does your experience reflect this? The decision will probably be easier to make after I finish my third year...
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    Masters of Civil Engineering

    either transportation or infrastructure
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    Masters of Civil Engineering

    Hello good people of PF I'm going into my third year of undergrad civil engineering in university. So far my GPA is only 2.5/4 I have been lazy the past 2 years but I know i am capable of high marks.. After undergrad, I`m planning to get a Masters degree in the same field. I haven`t done...
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    Recommend me a book

    thought provoking..hmm, check out The Kit Runner
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    Why is the sky so bright here at night?

    And it's back to normal tonight...
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    Why is the sky so bright here at night?

    Hello PF I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. I am in Ottawa, Canada and right now it is almost 2 am. I am about to go to sleep but can't help to notice why the sky is so unusually bright. It is a light peachy color. I can see the grass outside my house without any lights, it is...
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    Schools Sophomore year in high school

    ask "stupid" questions
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    Civil Engineering with Concentration in Management?

    I'm currently finishing up my third semester in Civil Engineering. Recently a couple of my friends switched from standard "Civil Engineering" to "Civil Engineering with Concentration in Management" So this got me thinking if I should switch.. If i switch, I would not be taking...