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    Absorption Spectra

    I agree, unfortunately I'm not comparing two spectra, but rather just answering for a variety of spectra is the solution optically dilute? Is it Optically thick? And not sure where the cut off is, can't find a value anywhere
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    Absorption Spectra

    If you're reading a graph of absorption coefficient(cm^-1) versus wavelength(nm), how can you dtermine if the solution is optically dilute? What about optically thick? Thanks Ben
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    Impact strength

    i've used plenty of google, the relative scale is not typically mentioned
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    Impact strength

    I'm supposed to determine if a bunch of materials have a high or low impact strength. I did the hard part and determined that the impact strength for each material, but I don't know a relative scale. What is a high value on the izod impact scale test(it's measured in joules). Any idea?
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    Clustering Tendency

    This is a general question, not specific to any one homework problem just a concept I must understand in order to figure out all of my homework. Does clustering tendency increase as atomic radii between substances A and B become more similar? Clustering tendency may not be particularly clear...
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    Answer verification

    Hey guys, I worked through this problem and feel as though I made a mistake. I attached the figure, without it it makes no sense. Question: The suspended load weighs 600 lbs. Determine the reactions at A and B. Examining just the bottom bar, I summed the forces in the x and got Ax -...
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    Stress in a fiber

    yeah I'm going with text is wrong, .125 is found by not dividing the radius by 2 and then dividing by a factor of 1000...haha only thing I could find out, but thank you!
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    Stress in a fiber

    This doesn't seem particularly hard, thought it was simply an F/A situation but apparently not. A fiber with a diameter of 25 micro meters is subjected to elongation load of 25 g along the fiber axis. What is the stress on the fiber? Is the applied stress a shear or a tensiles stress. I said...
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    Convolution - prove commutative

    anyone know how to prove that it is commutative... as if f *g = g*f
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    Solve for c/a ratio

    thank you I was feeling like an idiot that I couldn't girue this out, I'm glad it doesn't appear to really be a trivial process. I appreciate the help, Ben
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    Solve for c/a ratio

    I understand what you're saying about the picutre now, but I don't understand what you're using to compare C and A. I know where a is and i know where c is but i don't know the other length of triangle built between them, so i'ts unclear to me as to what the link is between thier length Ben
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    Solve for c/a ratio

    I'm trying to solve for the ideal c/a ratio of hcp packing. why doesn't c/2 =a/2, looks like they pass through the same amoutn of radius's so I'm not sure the geometry to use. Used this pic [Broken] but it is more confusing to me how 1.67...
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    Short Range Order

    I'm confused based on what I've been reading. Does short-range order for a crystal change when it is melted, or is onyl long range order affected by the state of matter an melting has little to no affect on the short range order of the crystal. Is that right or does the shrot range order change...
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    Paper tower

    I've spent about 6 horus this weekend trying to construct to build a paper tower that will support thick textbook 14 inches off the ground. the requirement is that it weigh less than 15 g. you can use tape and paper and that's it. Cylinders cannot exceed 5 cm in diameter. Tried making a bunch...