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    Determining appropriate range from test data

    Hello all. I am performing chemistry experiments and recording the times of various observed results. What I am doing currently is performing the test several times in order to determine what result is "normal." My goal is to determine a range as a standard by which all future tests will...
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    Method to remove salt from water (Not distillation or RO)

    IX Resin is a cool idea. I don't suppose it's possible to do a "homemade" resin, so in that case from where would be a good place to purchase some that can exchange typical Na and Cl ions? (hopefully not to expensive!) Thanks.
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    Method to remove salt from water (Not distillation or RO)

    Hello all. I'm tutoring a high school student and am having trouble with a seemingly simple science project that was assigned: How to remove table salt from water. Having graduated as a Chemical Engineer, I said distillation! But the problem statement says you can't be that boring. Then I said...
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    Multiple Linear Regression (2 factors, 1 output)" [Broken]
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    Multiple Linear Regression (2 factors, 1 output)

    Hello all; I'm doing work for my job, and I've forgotten my statistics =(. I first want to know if what I'm trying to do is possible. I want to create a linear regression of the form Y = a * x1 + b * x2 + c." [Broken] As you can see, there is space that is...
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    Need help setting up integral. (Doesn't have to be solved)

    What have you tried so far? Please post your attempt and any rough work that pertains to this problem.
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    Integration of cos

    bad.. BAD Dorumon!! =P sqrt(a + b) =/= a + sqrt(b) You should have some trigonometric substitutions in your notes/textbook that involve cosine. Take a look at them, and see if they make the integrand a little nicer.
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    Lin Alg Question: Cross-Product Proof

    I'm not sure why you don't agree. I end up with the statement: a X (b - c) = 0 And for that statement to hold, the following must necessarily be true: b - c = 0 since we know that a is nonzero. a is parallel to 2a, so taking the cross-product of two parallel vectors yields the...
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    Lin Alg Question: Cross-Product Proof" [Broken] I'm curious to see if my conclusion is correct. thanks in advance.
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    Purging air from system

    Yes, that is a catch indeed. The tube system will be a closed loop, and therefore the nitrogen or helium would act as diluents; reducing the performance of the cell. FYI: The pressure build-up is very small, so that is not a concern. There is a gauge which reads from 0 to 5 psig, and the...
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    Purging air from system

    Here is the situation: We are building a small model car (roughly 8 in wide by 18 in long) whereby hydrogen is produced in a chemical reaction, travels through some tubing to our fuel cells, which in turn powers the motor. The issue lies in the start-up procedure; it is required to purge...
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    Fairly basic integral failing to become solved. O:-)

    when you see a square root in your integrand, you will likely want to attempt trig substitution if there is no other obvious route. There are 3 different trig substitutions possible based on the form under the root: x = z * [email protected] x = z * [email protected] x = z * [email protected] you should know which one to use based...
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    Fuel Cell Voltage Calculation

    thanks for your replies. I did some research on this topic myself and found out where some of my confusion lies. on the site", it does clearly say in the Gibbs and Nernst Potential document that the Nernst...
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    Fuel Cell Voltage Calculation

    Hello, I'm doing work in Fuel Cells and am having difficulty with a simple issue; the Nernst Voltage (E) is greater than the Standard Potential (EO) The only electrochemical reaction considered is H2 + 0.5O2 --> H2O The Nernst equation for this reaction is E = EO - (RT / 2F) ln (PH2O / (PH2...
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    Recommended Physical Chemistry Text

    Hello, I'm taking Physical Chemistry I in second year, and my prof does not have a required book for the course and everything will be based off his notes (which are very good by the way) However, I would like a deeper understanding of the material, and the prof did recommend two books. What...