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Recommended Physical Chemistry Text

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    Hello, I'm taking Physical Chemistry I in second year, and my prof does not have a required book for the course and everything will be based off his notes (which are very good by the way)

    However, I would like a deeper understanding of the material, and the prof did recommend two books. What, if anything, do you know about their quality?



    here is the course description:

    http://www.ucalendar.uwaterloo.ca/0607/COURSE/course-CHE.html#CHE200S" -- Look for CHE 230

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    Levine's book is the bible. You wouldn't error if you chose it.
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    any one has this ebook?

    Physical Chemistry by Ira Levine
    i need it ,please help me
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    McQuarrie's new textbook on Physical Chemistry is a great text. And if you take stat. mech. later with McQuarrie's legendary Statistical Mechanics textbook, you will have quite the advantage.
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    I just finished a course with it, I wouldn't call it the bible. Its way to verbose and muddled - and the questions are very basic. Had it not been for my profs interesting problem sets and lecture notes, Levine would have left me with a shallow knowledge.

    Unfortunately, I dont know anything better.
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