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    Schools Senior in high school looking for most optimal path to a good CS grad school.

    Do a BS in CS if you're very good at higher math, starting with Calculus. If you have any difficulty with higher math, you might still be able to get the degree, but your grades for the BS might not be good enough to get into a MS program.
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    What is Computational Science?

    By the use of the word major, I assume you are soon to be an undergraduate student. As someone somewhat knowledgeable in the field, with some perspective on job opportunities, I can provide some Pros and Cons to choosing to pursue this major. PROS: - Interesting subject matter that involves...
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    Difference Bet. Clustered and Distributed systems?

    hamster143 is right. A cluster-based system is an example of distributing computing. Clusters can be many CPUs linked together in the same, single room. In fact, supercomputers are not always single monolithic machines anymore; the fastest supercomputer in the world is a Cray-built cluster...
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    Schools HElp me to select US University for Phd in Computer Science

    As a fellow computer science student, I must commend you on your GRE score. Although your GRE score would barely get you into many of the schools you listed, it is high enough that they would at least take a look at your application. Also, I commend you on getting an internship. Taking a...
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    MS in CS or IS thread moved

    Where was my MS in CS or MS in IS thread moved? Can it be accessed from the main forums page? If I can't find it, how can anyone else. Thanks, cswave
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    Which programming language is best for Scientists/Modeling Physical World

    FORTRAN was once the programming language of scientists. Now, its popularity slipping in favor of newer languages such as C++ and MATLAB. Sometimes Microsoft Excel can even be used for calculating scientific data and plotting charts. A good thing to keep in mind is that if you learn one...
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    MS in CS or MS in IS

    AsianSensationK, First of all, thank you for your reply. That is true, so I am already working on building up my professional experience. This sounds like a good idea. Incidentally, I have already met with a professor from the financially very flush Computer Science department at a...
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    Scientists plan to implement aspects like pattern recognising

    Re: A.i.? Unless the computer replicates the human brain to a very high resolution, it is not likely that it will ever seem completely human to a trained observer. But there are scientists currently trying to replicate the human brain, cell by cell, in a computer. And if nanotechnology ever...
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    Algorithm for adding tree type structure in a database

    In an SQL table I am working on for an assignment, the data are arranged liked this: pk name num A bob 234 A joe 2323 A sam 999 B eli 233 C bob 234 C joe 2323 D joe 399 I was wondering, does anybody here know what code I can use to do an...
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    MS in CS or MS in IS

    Hello, I have just completed a BS in CS at a small state college. There were three different specializations within the BS, and I chose the Information Systems specialization because it would help me graduate faster (within four years). The IS specialization did not require any more difficult...