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    Definite Integration proof

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a rigorous proof which shows that the definite integral does indeed give us the area under a curve or which proves how is a definite integral a summation process. I already know that the any given function is the derivative of the function of its area but most of the...
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    Can I do masters in aeronautics after BMechE?

    I am in my first year of ME. I want to know If I can do masters in aeronautics after my Bachelors? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Abdullah
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    Second Order DE

    since m=+/-2 y is of the form y=A(e^-2x)+B(e^2x) y`=-2A(e^-2x)+2B(e^2x) Use the given conditions. Make two equations... You know the rest. Hope this helps. Abdullah Whats wrong with the forums? It wont allow me to start a new thread. It keeps saying: The page your looking for can't be found...
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    Hybridization of compounds

    I read somewhere on net that hybridization, which is a good model for most of the compounds, is not entirely correct i.e. some molecules show considerable deviation in there molecular geometry from the predictions of the hybrid model and we only use it because it is easier way to understand the...
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    Momentum question.

    Oh my mistake. It is v=-eu. Original post edited. I asked this question because nowadays we are doing oblique collisions between a wall and a ball in mathematics. This is an example question(it appeared in exams a few years ago). Velocity of the ball=u angle which the ball makes with the...
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    Momentum question.

    Guys I'm having a little problem in undersatnding a few things: We have a wall and a ball of mass 'm'. The ball is thrown towards the wall with speed u and rebounds with speed 'v'. The coefficient of restitution is, e is 1/3. The question is to find the value of 'v'. Thats how I think it should...
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    Schools Advice on Universities in Canada for international students.

    I’m a student of A’ Level with Phys, Chem., Math, Further Math and General Paper English as my subjects. I just wanted to know which Canadian universities are not only good for their mechanical/electrical engineering programmes but are also affordable for international students (low tuition...
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    A question about dy/dx

    I'm just a little confused about dy/dx. I read that its one entity not a fraction. Can someone please clarify why is this not a fraction? According to what I know (delta y)/(delta x) becomes equal to dy/dx as (delta x) appraches zero. If delta x apparaches to zero then delta y should alway have...
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    Two Questions

    No I dont. In my opinion the KE of the ball will be used to open the valve...
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    Two Questions

    A system is developed as shown in the diagram attached. The ball is initially given a push so that it falls onto a turbine connected to generator which produces electricity. After rotating the turbine the ball fall down a narrow tube with a valve into the water again the ball rises again and is...
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    Nuclear waste.

    I was just reading about transmutation. From what I have read, it seems like a very good way to deal with the long-lived radioactive waste. I've also read that during this process energy is released which can be used to produce electricity. If thats true why not US or other countries...
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    Nuclear waste.

    Can the nuclear waste from nuclear reactors be used to make nuclear weapons? Secondly, Whats wrong in burying nuclear waste deep inside the earth or beneath the oceans? And lastly, are the hazards of nuclear waste from nuclear reactors exaggerated? Any help will be appriciated.:smile:
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    I^2=1? How can this be?

    i^2=1??? How can this be? First all I must tell you people that I have no doubt that i^2=-1 but what am I doing wrong in the following steps? i^2 =i * i =sqrt(-1) * sqrt(-1) =sqrt(-1*-1) =sqrt(1)=1?:confused: I asked my mathematics teacher but he was unable to find any error in it...
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    Mathematica Proof by mathematical Induction: Divisibility

    The question is: Prove by mathematical Induction that f(n) \equiv 2^{6n}+3^{2n-2} is divisible by 5. This is what I did: Suppose that the given statement is true for n=k Since the f(k) is divisible by 5, f(k)=5A (where A are is a constant.) Also, from the given statement...
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    Short and simple question

    What exactly is an echelon matrix? I searched the web and did find some useful results but I'm still a little confused. :confused: Thanks in advance for any help. :smile: