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Advice on Universities in Canada for international students.

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    I’m a student of A’ Level with Phys, Chem., Math, Further Math and General Paper English as my subjects. I just wanted to know which Canadian universities are not only good for their mechanical/electrical engineering programmes but are also affordable for international students (low tuition fees, scholarships etc). I don’t want to take SATS and/or TOEFL. I did however get an A in my O’ Level English. Finally, which ones better electrical/mechanical eng.?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    my older brother attended U of Toronto, they are concidered then and still to be equivalent to mit in engineering and even better than harvard.

    tuitions are just as much at U of Toronto then at most universities regardless of ranking (in Canada).

    The only other Canadian schools i see international student wanting to get into just as much as top american schools are McGill, UBC & U of Waterloo. That being said, the other Canadian universities are still great but for general hear say, those 4 schools are top noch.:cool:

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    You should take everything you can so that the school can compare you with local students. If you are too lazy to take it, there is not such thing as good school. You are applying as interenational student, you have to show your potential ability is just as good or even better. And you are going to a foreign country, you should follow their standard (SAT, etc.)
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    Isn't the TOEFL and english competency test? You have to take tests like that for Canadian Univeristies as well as far as I know.
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    Most engineering students from British Columbia come to Ontario for education because their program isn't accredited to my knowledge, and Ontario has the best schools for engineering in Canada.

    For me, the four schools I went between were University of Toronto, McMaster, Queen's, and Waterloo.

    I ended up at Waterloo for one big reason, their co-op program is unique and will get you a job by the time your graduate. Most schools have a co-op system where you take a 16-month consecutive work term at one job; while Waterloo has between four to six 4-month co-op terms you could be a part of over your 5 years of education.

    So yeah, i've had a great time here so far and I'm sure you will too.
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    SAT is not required by any Canadian University. Unless you can document that English is your native language, TOEFL will be required.

    All Canadian universities (that I'm aware of) charge a differential fee for international students that usually ends up being around 100-150% of the regular tuition, so tuition may not be quite so low. You'll need to specify what 'low tuition fees' is by your standards.

    Being an international student, co-op may not be an available option, since it would require that you be legally able to work in Canada. Not sure that you would be able to do that on a student visa.

    University of Alberta also has excellent EE and MecE programs.
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    AFAIK, it's more difficult to get into the co-op program if you are an international student at UWaterloo
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    I'll second that, I am not an engineering major but have heard nothing but awesome things about the engineering program at U of A. From what I have been told the Co-op program is very very good.
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    MAC has a good ECE and Software program. Simon Haykin's at Mac =]
    But UFT probably has a better one.
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    Friend of mine is at Ryerson University EE in down town Toronto and he has told me that although ryerson is 12 years old, it is quickly emerging as a top engineering university since they have a unique practical/hand's-on training and their students quickly find employment upon graduation.
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    UBC, SFU, and UVic are all accredited engineering programs. I don't know where you got the 16month consecutive work term, SFU has 4,8,12 month coops just like Waterloo. SFU only has electronics/electrical/electromechanical engineering.
  13. Sep 17, 2006 #12
    Below is from Ryerson University in Toronto, 12-16 months co-op.

    Third-year students in good academic standing, may chose to enroll in the Industrial Internship Program. Our corporate partners interview the internship candidates and if selected, the students work in a 12- to 16-month paid internship, gaining valuable industry experience and a chance to work on real-life engineering problems. After the internship period, students return to complete the final year of studies. Enrollment in the IIP extends the program to five years
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    In Ontario Waterloo and Toronto are pretty much the top when it comes to engineering.
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    I would rather attend McMaster or Ryerson bcs University of Toronto is more for "theorists" , while McMaster and Ryerson are more practical, real life problems, I am at University of Toronto and I know the difference.

    Yes, I would like to attend Waterloo but my father says I have to stay home.
  16. Sep 19, 2006 #15
    You do not neet to take TOFEL because you took English at O levels, SPM? STPM or GCE O or A Levels?

    If your As are good ( bs) you can have advanced standings.

    Univesity of Western Ontario and Uof T are 2 good ones in Ontario, Canada and the fees are cheaper than UK and USA about 10,000 CDN ( maybe higher now?)

    Good luck
  17. Sep 20, 2006 #16
    nikola-tesla: Take the GO bus to mcmaster, as a student you pay the transit fee as part of supplementary fees. Though you would also have to commute by subway to Union
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