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    Refrigeration question

    using R-22 for example...what my question means is that to design a refrigeration cycle u select the pieces according to capacity, but what makes sure they wil operate at a certain condensing temp and evap and not another?
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    Refrigeration question

    Hey All Suppose ur designing a refrigeration cycle. if u go to the market to choose parts for an 18000BTU/h circuit. The compressor has different ratings according to the entering temp and exit temp, then u have the thermal expansion valve which is also rated in BTU/hr depending on entry and...
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    A question professor couldnt solve!

    know the L'Hopital theorem?? can't we use it here?
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    The power of a fan

    usually power is Voltage x Current...but i don't know if there's an addition to that for AC current
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    Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering

    Hey all I just got accepted to KTH which i hear is one of the best universities in Sweden, unfortunately i'm in a dilemna. I have a great job and good salary and the company would soon become dependant on me after the main engineer leaves in the coming week and my salary can go as high as my...
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    Solar Water Heater

    ok point taken...but if u want to buy it? do u have an idea what it would cost?
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    Solar Water Heater

    Just much would it cost you to install a solar water heating system ($/Watt) where u live?
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    Can't go back to sleep

    yep ziad u got what i mean :)
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    Can't go back to sleep

    when i can't sleep i listen to the news.... since lebanese news is so hilarious when u watch 2 waring tv stations, it can give u good value for ur time, beat paramount by miles :P
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    Working in a nuclear power plant

    well in the end u can always sell yourself to Iran..they would take u :P
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    New coke bottles

    i'm so with 20 Liters, the 2 Liter bottle just vanishes quickly, especially while working on a pc...and i don't want to start smoking until the doctors forbid me to drink soda :)
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    How to make clear ice.clear ice

    pouring a thin slow moving water over a special evaporator plate would freeze the water fast and u would have a collecter that removes the ice off the evaporator and guides it into a dispenser..
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    Balloon Car

    internal combustion engine, or propulsion?
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    News Are americans more ignorant than europeans?

    i wonder about the chances of him attacking iran instead of iraq.. :P
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    News Are americans more ignorant than europeans?

    i know was just an example