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    Heat Transfer

    Homework Statement See attached figure. Ta>Tb. Show that the rate of energy conducted dQ/dt is 2*pi*L*k((Ta-Tb)/Ln(b/a)) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I seem to be lost at deriving an equation for the medium area, A. I understand the tansfer from low temp area to high. Pcond...
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    Very basic statics question/moment of inertia

    Statics: If computing the moment of inertia about the y-axis of a triangular shape in the 2nd quadrant(not touching the x-axis); would i still use hb^3 /12
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    Methods of solving DE

    Yes u read that correctly. Wait! Are u saying to create something like this: 7y1 + 4y2 + 4y3 - 3eiωt -6y1 - 4y2 - 7y3 -2y1 - y2 +2y3 + 3eiωt
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    Methods of solving DE

    People I am fairly new with dealing with DEs (and here I was thinking I got it all :palm: ) Any who: I am working on some problems here and the professor wants us to use 2 methods to solve this DE. My issue is I can't figure out what the 2nd method is! (dY)/dt=AY +F ^{Y} = [7,4,4; -6,-4,-7...
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    Volume by disks, shells, or washers?

    Personally I always start with the shell method unless it is a really basic, simple shape(disk method)... But to answer ur question, I look for a hole. If there is one, then i am thinking washer, if there isnt and the solid is a very simple shape, then I go with the disk method. For the most...
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    Integration by Parts - Substitution

    Substitute for 16x and then further substitute for log(16x). You should end up with Int([e^a][sin(a)])/16 At 1st I did it just like u did, then I saw sikrut's answer... Reworked it & verified with Matlab. Turns out Matlab agrees with Sikrut.