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    Finding number of atoms and volume

    Yes, I just figured that this morning. Thanks. But now I am having trouble with that. I equated: (8920kg/m^3)*(m/cm)*(cm-atom)/kg=Cu-atom/cm^3 Then 8920/m^3*1m/100*5.24*10^(-27)=Cu-atom/cm^3 But now what? Does my setup even look right?
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    Finding number of atoms and volume

    Homework Statement The mass of a copper atom is 5.30 10-25 kg, and the density of copper is 8 920 kg/m3 . (a) Determine the number of atoms in 1 cm3 of copper. _______Cu—atom/cm3 (b) Visualize the one cubic centimeter as formed by stacking up identical cubes, with one copper atom...
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    EE Study Resources?

    Hi everyone I just finished my first year of electrical engineering. I am doing quite a few of self study for coming Calculus II and III, diff. equations, physics, and computer programming classes. I have all the resources I need for those. However, I want to start studying the basics of...
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    NJIT vs. Rutgers-Newbrunswick

    Hey guys, I'm in a dilemma of which school to choose. Rutgers, which has a 49th national ranking for engineering, or NJIT, which has as a 138th ranking in engineering. I would totally go to Rutgers other than for 2 main reasons: NJIT is a 5min drive while Rutgers is 45min. NJIT is...
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    Hard Trignometric Derivative Problem

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of sin(tan(square root of sinx)) Homework Equations derivative of: sin=cos tan=sec squared sinx=cosx The Attempt at a Solution cos(tan(square root of sinx))(sin(sec^2(1/2sinx)^-1/2(cosx)) So I did the derivative of the sin, left...
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    Calculus 1,2,3 topics

    patrick jmt (google it, I could not put the link) Check his website out. This guy has a GIFT for explaining math concepts easily and smoothly. I tried to post his as a new topic but I do not have permission for it. @ Administrators : please check his videos and if you deem i worthy, post...
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    Differentiating 3 terms with product rule

    Yep, thanks HallsofIvy, this : f'(x)g(x)h(x)+ f(x)g'(x)h(x)+ f(x)g(x)h'(x) , is what I did. Thanks to you both for helping me out with this problem.
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    Differentiating 3 terms with product rule

    I believe this is what I did on first trial of this problem. Maybe I didn't understand the suggestion but in essence what I did was to multiply the derivative of one times the two other terms, then ADD the derivative of the second term times the other 2, then ADD AGAIN the derivative of the...
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    Differentiating 3 terms with product rule

    Ok, here we go: x^2(sinx)(sec^2(x))+2xcosx(tanx) I didn't understand what you meant by using the product rule twice. How do I write x^2 the way you did by the way? Thanks for the reply :-)
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    Differentiating 3 terms with product rule

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of (x^2)(sinx)(tanx) Homework Equations f(x+y)(d/dx)=(x)(y)d/dx+(y)(x)d/dx That's for differentiating with 2 terms. With 3, I haven't done it yet. The Attempt at a Solution x^2(sinx)(sec^2x)+tanx(sinx)2x+x^2(tanx)(cosx)...