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    Chromosomes question ?

    That's true for X chromosomes of females in mammals. To compensate for the presence of an additional X chromosome, females shut off expression of one of the X chromosomes.
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    Junior at molecular biology and genetics

    I am a junior at molecular biology and genetics and I plan to apply for grad school next year. So I need to take GRE general and subject tests, plus TOEFL. My main concern is about GRE: when should I start preparing for it? I would really appreciate advices also on how to study. Thanks! Gamze
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    Cycles of Matter

    you can think of in what state plants take carbon for photosynthesis.
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    My class just had our 10 year reunion

    I think there is a hypothesis that this trimming of the telomeres, (and the reduced activity of telomerase) is a mechanism for long-living organisms so that less mutations accumulate in a cell.
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    My class just had our 10 year reunion

    there are some genes related to longevity in worms, I suppose. sirtuins or something like that. (a Nature paper:
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    What's your area and level of expertise?

    a third year undergrad at molecular biology and genetics, mainly interested in cell biology I guess -actually more like I'm trying to figure out :)
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    A few questions.

    DNA polimerases cannot work without a 3' OH end, but RNA polimerase can.
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    The key to long life?

    Wine would be good:) Resveratrol, a kind of sirtuin, is said to be anti-aging, and present in red wine. Calorie restricted diet is a good way too, but may have some expenses as iansmith says. There is important research carried on C.elegans and its dauers on this subject, some substances and...
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    Cancer and Evolution

    I think cells evolved ways to protect their damaged DNA from replicating and harming the individual they belong to (protooncogenes, for example). It may be a relationship between cancer and evolution. The cancer cells cannot survive although they are 'immortalized', and additionally they lead to...
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    Cell membranes

    I think proteins are selective, they form gates for things they know only. they do not let others they don't recognize. for example, there are membrane proteins for glucose, for ions. What's not recognized is not let in out out. That makes selective permeability. proteins don't fall through...
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    Sleep deprivation

    there is also a disease, a familial insomnia, which may be lethal. But I dont know much about it.
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    Suggest a type I receptor endocytosis

    i also could not understand your question, can you explain?
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    The Mind

    trying to learn things that do not help our survival in natural selection, (such as learning integration for me)
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    Polar bodies

    thanks a lot in our lecture we discussed some functions of polar bodies. an interesting one was that second polar body may be required for cleavage of the embryo(creating the polarity of it)
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    What is the function of ribosome?

    how do nucleoli control the activity of nucleus? I guess nucleoli is a place where rRNA genes of chromosomes get together with ribosomal subunits