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Junior at molecular biology and genetics

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    I am a junior at molecular biology and genetics and I plan to apply for grad school next year. So I need to take GRE general and subject tests, plus TOEFL. My main concern is about GRE: when should I start preparing for it? I would really appreciate advices also on how to study. Thanks!

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    You could take a practice test on the general and subject to see where you stand and what areas you need to work on. I would say, in general, for the general test to spend about three weeks to learn some vocabulary and math tricks. For the subject test, I would say that two months is plenty if you've done well in your classes so far. But most people spend much less. Depends how well you want to do, and how motivated you are to invest the time.
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    I have a question witin the lines of GRE, so I thought I would just post a quick one here. Can an excellent GRE score, including the main and subject, save you from your GPA?
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    I had to take the general GRE after close to 10 years out of college. It wasn't a terribly difficult test. That being said, if you have to take the TOEFL, you will need to study up on the grammar section. I would buy one of the many prep books on the GRE and take one of the practice exams. It will show you exactly how much brushing up you need to do.

    I didn't have to take a subject test, so I can't help you out there.
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    Re: Gre


    I'm preparing for General GRE. I would like to share this info with those who are also doing the same - there are tips and free learning resources at www.grevocabulary.org
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